News ID: 109783
Publish Date : 05 December 2022 - 21:53

UNRWA, Arab League Urge Protection of Palestinian Education Curriculum

CAIRO (Arab News) – The Palestinian education system should be protected from attempts to censor material being taught at schools.
This was the concern raised by some officials at the 32nd joint meeting of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the Council of Educational Affairs of the Arab League in Cairo, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The gathering took place at the Arab League’s headquarters in Egypt’s capital.
Dr. Tamer Anis, a representative of the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization, drew attention to the Zionist regime’s attempts to censor the Palestinian curriculum. He urged support for the Palestinian Ministry of Education.
Arab News had reported this year about attempts by the occupying regime to impose a “sanitized” curriculum on East Al-Quds’s schools that includes the deletion of all photos of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the word Palestine and the Palestinian flag. Holy Qur’anic verses were also deleted on claims that they help strengthen Palestinian, Arab and Islamic identities.
At the meeting in Cairo, Saeed Abu Ali, the Arab League’s assistant secretary-general for Palestine and the occupied Arab territories, said the gathering comes in the wake of the UNRWA’s ongoing financial crisis, which has had a direct impact on the services provided to Palestinian refugees.
Abu Ali stressed the need for the next UNRWA budget to reflect the growing needs of Palestinian refugees. He added that the Arab League would continue to keep communication channels open between the two organizations.
Rawda Al-Hajj, the representative of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, said that ISESCO continues to support several education projects in Palestine.
The UNRWA’s Deputy Director of Education Moritz Bilagher reiterated that the Palestinian refugee crisis was not solely the responsibility of Arab countries, but rather a global issue for which the international community must take responsibility.