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Publish Date : 04 December 2022 - 22:05

The Arms Smugglers  Destabilizing Yemen

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
 Does the government of Yemen need weapon supplies from Iran to continue its resistance against the American-backed invaders?
 The answer is in the negative in view of the fact that Yemen has such a large stockpile of sophisticated armaments accumulated over the past few decades from varied sources, including the West that its innovative army engineers are always upgrading without any reliance on new supplies.
 If Iran were to supply defensive equipment to the defenders of Yemen’s integrity, will the CENTCOM terrorists that have infiltrated the Persian Gulf and Red Sea waters dare to disrupt the legitimate flow of any such cargo, without facing repercussions?
 The answer is again a firm “NO”, in view of Iran’s stabilizing naval presence throughout the region to ensure peaceful navigation, safe and secure from the preying pirates, whether from the Somali coast of the Horn of Africa or from American buccaneers based in Manama.
 This means the US is uttering preposterous lies when it alleges that its 5th Fleet time to time intercepts the smuggling of arms and ammunition from Iran to the ports of Northern Yemen.
 Are not the ports of Yemen already under illegal blockade of the Saudi invaders for the past several years in a bid to prevent even food and medicine reaching the besieged Yemeni people?
 So how can any fishing trawler conceal over 50 tonnes of ammunition, including more than a million bullet rounds, thousands of rocket fuses, and a large amount of propellant for rocket-propelled grenades, and then meekly allow the CENTCOM terrorists to board it without a fight?
 If there was any truth in such reports, then the legitimate government in Sana’a should have collapsed years ago, enabling the Saudi and Emirati invaders, along with their mercenaries in South Yemen, to take control of the North.
 The purpose of these fabricated reports is to depict the malicious Americans and their destabilizing forces in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea waters as ‘guardians’ of security in order to blackmail the oil rich sheikhdoms and fleece them of millions of dollars of their ill-accumulated wealth.
 Washington, however, will not succeed in its devilish designs since the popular Ansarullah Movement that is defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen is determined to liberate Yemen from the occupation of its cowardly enemies.
 Thus, the real danger to the region is from the Americans who are supplying all sorts of lethal armaments to the aggressors to massacre the defenceless people and destroy their infrastructure.