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Publish Date : 04 December 2022 - 22:03

Russia, Iran Set Mechanism for Expansion of Ties  

MOSCOW (Dispatches) – An Iranian deputy foreign minister said here Sunday Tehran and Moscow have formulated mechanisms for advancement of bilateral relations.
Speaking to reporters, Ali Baqeri pointed to topics discussed in his meetings with Russian officials.
He said a review of the Tehran-Moscow interaction was conducted in the meetings, an evaluation of the situation in the new era was carried out, and “frameworks and mechanisms” were agreed upon for the advancement of bilateral relations.
“The relations between Iran and Russia are not confined to the issue of Syria. Tehran and Moscow are engaged in very good cooperation in the sphere of the Caucasus, as the 3+3 format is a very good model for creating regional security in the Caucasus,” he added.
The deputy foreign minister also noted that Afghanistan and efforts to ensure security in that country provide a good opportunity for cooperation between Iran and Russia.
“Such interactions among the Foreign Ministry of Iran and those of the neighboring states prepare the ground for the promotion and strengthening of relations in various fields, specifically the economic relations, which in turn can be a firm support for the establishment of regional stability and security and pave the way for the development and welfare of the country and people,” Baqeri said.
In a meeting with his Russian counterpart on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan in September, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed Tehran’s opposition to the sanctions against Russia, assuring Vladimir Putin that Iran will never join the campaign of anti-Russian sanctions.
Putin also said at the meeting that the Western states are not the masters of their word because they give as they want or take when they want.