News ID: 109720
Publish Date : 03 December 2022 - 21:49

Iran Retaliates After Canada Imposes New Sanctions

TEHRAN – Iran has imposed retaliatory sanctions on a Canadian entity and several individuals over their support for terrorism and acts of violence against the country.
In a statement, Iran’s foreign ministry said the bans target eight Canadian individuals and one entity over their support for terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) and encouraging terrorism and violence against the Iranian people.
“The blacklisted people and entity have spread wrong information against Iran, and helped intensified cruel sanctions against the people of the country,” the statement said.
It said the Canadian government has violated international obligations on fighting terrorism by supporting the MKO terrorist group and facilitating the anti-Iran cult’s activities.
The ministry said Canada has also violated international law and the UN Charter regulations by imposing and implementing cruel sanctions against Iran.
Those targeted, according to the statement, will not be granted visas to enter Iran, their assets will be frozen on Iranian soil and their bank accounts will be blocked within Iran’s banking and financial system.
The Canadian government has over the past month imposed a series of sanctions against a number of Iranian entities and individuals.
In its latest move, the Canadian foreign ministry announced on Friday sanctions on four Iranian individuals and five entities.
The list of newly sanctioned individuals and entities includes Morteza Talaei, former commander of Tehran’s Law Enforcement Forces; Ali Ghanaatkar Mavardiani, a senior judge; Hassan Karami, commander of the Islamic Republic’s Law Enforcement Forces Special Units; Safiran Airport Services, an Iranian cargo and commercial airline; Baharestan Kish Company,
a subsidiary firm of the IRGC Cooperative Foundation and Javan News Agency.
Also on the list of expanded sanctions are the Paravar Pars Aerospace Engineering Services and Research Company, and the Design and Manufacturing of Aircraft Engines Company (DAMA).
The final individual on the new list is Muhammad Javad Azari Jahromi, who was Iran’s minister of information and communication.