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Publish Date : 03 December 2022 - 21:49

Malley’s Military Threats Confession of Failure of US-Triggered Riots

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

If the US still denies the undeniable fact of triggering the recent riots in parts of Iran through thugs, traitors, and terrorists, who indulged in arson, loot, blasphemy, and murder, as part of a failed plot to blackmail the Islamic Republic, it is shamelessly lying.
This is fully evident in view of Washington’s latest threat of military action to force the Islamic Republic to submit to a badly breached and highly flawed JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) that falls short of guaranteeing Iran’s inalienable right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.
It is obvious that President Joe Biden who unaware of the consequences utters what his advisors have mouth-fed him, is too ignorant and uninformed person to precisely know facts and developments around the world.
He thus appeared like a buffoon while admitting his regime’s involvement in the sporadic incidents of sedition and bloodshed in a few places in the Islamic Republic when he said he supports the rioters’ bid to change Iran’s system of government – from God-oriented to the devilish mode of liberal democracy through the false narratives of the Farsi TV channels.
So what happened? What went wrong? Why the Islamic Republic did not collapse? Where did those so-called mass protestors of a supposedly nationwide uprising falter and failed to break out of the West’s propagandizing of ‘43 years of suffocation’?
Why didn’t the freewheeling ways of the weaponized mercenaries and hypocrites hypnotized by rave western values which depict ‘women’ as carnal and commercial commodities; ‘life’ as free of all religious and morals codes, and ‘liberty’ as animal freedom, emptied the holy shrines of pilgrims, especially the bloodcurdling sacrilege at the mausoleum of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz?
The rebuff to the West’s imaginary uprising and phantom protestors that have no physical presence in Iran is rather lengthy and includes the continued donning of some kind of Hijab (chador, manteau and headscarf) by scores of millions of Iranian women, and the loyalty of the nation to the pious/patriotic leadership of Iran.
In short, the US Special Envoy’s threats of military action against the Islamic Republic, if it does not accept a nuclear deal on Washington’s terms, is self-confession of the failure of the American-directed riots in the only country that regards manufacture of weapons of mass destruction as religiously forbidden.
Iran, which has not exited JCPOA in its firm belief of reaching a viable accord with recognition of its inalienable right to enrich uranium to 60 percent-plus purity, is undeterred by US bullying.
Robert Malley should know of the long list of American failures against the Islamic Republic over the past 43 years including Operation Eagle Claw that foundered in the desert sands of Tabas in April 1980.