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Publish Date : 03 December 2022 - 21:47

TEHRAN - The oil ministries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq have announced their agreement to establish a joint oil working group.
Following several meetings between the representative of the petroleum minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraqi oil officials, the two sides agreed to establish a joint working group.
This working group, which was established as a parent working group with the approach of increasing discussion and exchange of views about joint cases in the field of energy in two neighboring countries, benefits from the help of several specialized working groups, including in the field of joint fields, education, etc.
So far, numerous meetings have been held between the Iranian and Iraqi members of this working group, and some common issues, including the joint oil fields of the two countries, have been discussed and exchanged in these meetings.

Iraq to Import More Gas From Iran

The Iraqi Electricity Ministry spokesman Ahmad Musa said the Arab country reached an agreement with Iran on importing more gas.
Ahmad Musa said that the agreement was made during the Iraqi prime minister’s recent visit to Tehran.
Iraq expects and hopes that more gas will be injected into its power plants, he said adding that the two sides have agreed to prepare to be prepared for winter and even summer.
He noted that the two sides have signed the agreements and contracts between the two parties regarding the injection of a certain level of gas in winter and summer.
Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani stressed that Iraq is trying to pay Iran’s arrears through special mechanisms.
From Iraq’s point of view, interaction is the best way to avoid problems, he said emphasizing the Iraqi government’s commitment to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all common fields.

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