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Publish Date : 02 December 2022 - 22:30

Textbook ‘Dabireh’ Released for Persian Learners

TEHRAN ( IBNA) -- Approved by the Teaching and Publishing Council of the University of Belgrade in ‎cooperation with the Sa’di Foundation, the textbook ‘Dabireh: Teaching Persian Script for ‎Foreign Persian Learners’ will be released.‎
Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Serbia also contributed to providing this textbook which has been authored by the Iranian instructor of the Persian language at the University of Belgrade Sa’eed Safari.
This textbook is the first academic work that deals with the topic of teaching Persian calligraphy and writing system to foreign Persian learners in a new and special way.
In this educational book, students will become familiar with letters and their correspondence with Persian phonemes, the way letters are connected, words formations and units larger than words, and as well as learning educational tips, numerous exercises for teaching how to write words, word reading, sentence writing, sentence reading, text writing, text reading and fluency reading are provided.
In the first part of the book, information about the Persian language and literature in addition to the history of the Persian script has been included and students will be acquainted with a historical background of the scripts with which the Persian language was written throughout history, such as cuneiform in ancient Persian, Pahlavi, Avesta, and today’s Persian scripts.
Other features of this book include utilizing different fonts in educational texts, the use of ancient and contemporary Persian works as practice examples, devoting a special section to reading media and press texts, and engaging design by employing visual and artistic effects of Iranian calligraphy and painting.