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Publish Date : 29 November 2022 - 21:03

Iran, Iraq Determined to Jointly Root out Terrorists 

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
 No two countries in the world share such close historical ties as Iran and Iraq, which despite the plot of their common enemies, especially the Americans, are fully determined to safeguard peace and security.
These and other points were discussed during the new Iraqi prime minister’s visit to Tehran and his talks with Iran’s senior most officials, including the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who granted audience to Mohammad Shiya as-Sudani on Tuesday lauding these fraternal and friendly ties, said: “Anything that may disrupt Iran’s security will inevitably impinge on Iraq as well.”
He referred to the heroic role of the Iraqi people in defeating the US-backed takfiri terrorists, and was confident that they are capable of safeguarding the independence and integrity of their homeland against all sorts of terrorism by both the overt and covert enemies.
The Leader called on the elected central government of Iraq in Baghdad to exercise greater sovereignty over areas in the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region – which the enemies of the Iraqi nation are trying to use as a terrorist base against neighbouring countries.
The Iraqi Prime Minister who is heading a high-ranking delegation to further cement ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in almost all fields, also held fruitful discussions with President Hojjat al-Islam Ibrahim Raisi of Iran and held a press conference with him.
He underlined that security with Iran is integrated and that his government would “not allow any group or parties to use the Iraqi lands to destabilise the security of Iran”.
Prime Minister Sudani was obviously referring to terrorists fleeing justice from Iran for their crimes are sheltering in mountainous areas of Iraqi Kurdistan to continue their murderous cross-border activities with the assistance provided by the US and the illegal Zionist entity.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has recently launched decisive attacks on the hideouts of these terrorists and made it clear that its attacks will not cease unless these traitors are disarmed and expelled.
As emphasized by President Raisi: From the point of view of Iran and the Iraqi government, security, peace and stability in the region are very important and therefore, the fight against terrorist groups, organized crimes, drug trafficking and any [source of] insecurity that threatens the region is among [issues of] the agreements and common will of the two countries.
Tehran and Baghdad are thus resolved to further enhance their ties in fields and will not allow the US and other common enemies of the nation.