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Publish Date : 29 November 2022 - 20:57

BEIRUT (Dispatches) – A senior official of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement says Arab fans’ refusal to speak with Zionist media reporters at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 indicates rejection of the occupying regime’s existence and normalization deals, stressing that all forms of resistance will lead to Palestine’s victory.
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem made the remarks in a string of Arabic-language tweets as anti-Zionist sentiments are running high at the international sports tournament, with the occupying regime’s reporters saying an atmosphere of hatred and hostility is encouraging soccer fans to wave Palestinian flags in the Qatari stadiums amid refusal to speak to Israeli media.
“The scene of Arab citizens refusing interviews with Israeli correspondents in the World Cup in Qatar is an indication of the people’s refusal to normalize [ties] with the enemy,” Qassem wrote in the tweet.
“The youths’ resistance to normalization is an expression of the outright rejection of the existence of the Israeli entity in our region. The concerted efforts of the military, cultural, media and youth resistance will achieve victory and liberation for beloved Palestine,” he added.
Israeli media reporters and journalists have on multiple occasions confessed to being boycotted and yelled at by fans, locals, and officials at the World Cup in Qatar since the beginning of the international sports extravaganza.
In various videos and media clips, local and non-locals are seen standing behind Zionist reporters and raising Palestinian flags to protest against the occupying regime.
Former Zionist soldier, Guy Hochman, escaped Qatar on Monday after a video posted on Twitter revealed his past and participation in the Zionist regime’s army unit that killed thousands of Palestinians.
Hochman entered Qatar posing as a comedian with the goal to make funny videos. He claimed in one of his videos posted on Facebook that he travelled to Qatar to make peace.
But Palestinian-American journalist, Samar Dahmash-Jarrah, posted a video on her Twitter disclosing his past as a Zionist trooper.
Dahmash-Jarrah, a former CNN contributor, has 171,000 followers on Twitter. The video showed a message in Arabic: “Expose them. Criminals.” The video was widely seen viewed and shared.
The journalist said in the video that Hochman introduces himself as a “peacemaker while he is actually a killer soldier.”

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