News ID: 109494
Publish Date : 27 November 2022 - 22:18

US Bid to Shame the Game

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The US, having lost the plot of riots it had triggered in Iran in a bid to undermine the Islamic Republic, has now turned to the sports arena, as part of its propaganda of false narratives against a Godly system it fears will eventually liberate the region from Washington’s hegemony and with it obliterate the entire ungodly American culture of libertinism.
There are hundreds of thousands of Iranians – if not a few million – living in the West for various pursuits, ranging from scientific learning to enhance their knowledge and the achievements of the society back home, to treason and terrorism through the support of the regimes of West Europe and North America in order to mortgage the independence of Iran, destroy its rich Islamic culture, and turn its people into servants of the US, Britain, France, Germany, and even the soon to be wiped out illegal Zionist entity.
The West, however, has been unable to arouse the sentiments of the vast majority of the Iranian Diaspora against the motherland, except for the few dozen traitors and Godless elements clad in the most un-Iranian clothes and shouting the most obscene slogans, as is evident from the absence of the tens of thousands of decent and patriotic Iranians, including those not having cent-per-cent accord with the Islamic Republic, who have decided to stay away.
Now, the US, mad at the failure of its fake news of the so-called nationwide uprising in Iran, where the overwhelming majority supports the Islamic Republic and its pious/patriotic leadership, and where the scattered incidents of riots in a few localities of Tehran and parts of some other cities have long died with the arsonists, looters, blasphemers, traitors and terrorists fully exposed as the West’s agents, is trying to destroy the sporting spirit of the Football World Cup in Qatar through a shameless psychological attack to try to break down the morale of the Iranian national team in its crucial game with the US footballers in Doha on Tuesday, November 29.
While, the Twitter account of the US football team displayed a banner of the Group B standings in the matches played so far, with a deliberately distorted version of the Iranian flag only bearing its green, white and red colors, but without the emblems “Allah” in its middle flanked by Allaho-Akbar over and underneath it (11 times each), Jurgen Klinsmann, the German-American ex-football coach who is serving as FIFA member of Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group, spewed poison against the Iranian football team for its victory over Wales last Friday, and also against Iranian culture itself.
Shame on the US for bringing shame on a sporting event through such a shameless tactics in a vain bid to defeat the Iranian  football team, which is fully confident of repeating the famous win over its American rivals in the 1998 World Cup.