News ID: 109359
Publish Date : 23 November 2022 - 21:38
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
 The warning shots fired by Yemen’s armed forces at the ash-Shihr oil terminal in the province of Hadhramout have for the moment scared away ships in the service of the Saudis and the US, in collaboration with the rebel regime of Aden, to steal the oil of the Arab world’s most impoverished state.
 It is a pity that at a time when the legitimate government in Sana’a is defending the integrity of Yemen with its heroic resistance against the American-supported invaders from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the people of the southern parts are being held hostage by a so-called leadership council that has no nationalist interests, and is totally subservient to not just the Wahhabi cultish regime of Riyadh and the clannish Aal-e Nahyan regime of Abu Dhabi, but to Washington and even to the illegitimate Zionist entity.
 Last Monday’s warning shot at the terminal forced a Panama-flagged tanker anchored near an oil-loading buoy to sail immediately towards the open seas without any stolen cargo.
 It was a wise decision by the ship’s captain and served notice to any would-be oil smugglers to stay away from the coasts of Yemen.
 A month ago on October 21 the armed forces of Yemen had also fired warning shots at the same terminal when the 300,000 dwt VLCC Nissos Kea was about to steal the oil of Yemen on the instructions of the robbers in Riyadh.
 This is indeed a peaceful way by the authorities in Sana’a to ensure peace in the region, even though the aggressors have refused to renew the six-month truce that has long expired.
 Ship owners and captains of oil tankers ought to take these warnings seriously. They should refuse pressures from the Saudis and the Americans to lease vessels for the organized theft of a partially occupied country, or else the next drone or missile fired on behalf of the oppressed people of southern Yemen from the north by the popular Ansarullah movement at the ash-Shihr or any other terminal might zero-in on the target with the same precision the industrial/military installations of Saudi Arabia have experienced in retaliation for their bombing of civilian centres.
 The government in Sana’a whose magnanimity was fully evident on Tuesday when it congratulated its cowardly enemy Saudi Arabia for the freak win over Argentina in the World Football Championship underway in Qatar, very well knows that the Aal-e Saud clan lacks the courage to reciprocate goodwill. 
 On the contrary, it will continue its devilish policies against Yemen and the people of Yemen – as it does in Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and recently in Iran where Riyadh’s notorious false narrative London-based Farsi TV channel ‘Iran International’ shamelessly incites thugs, traitors, terrorists, and characterless women to indulge in arson, looting of private property, killing of security personnel and civilians (women and children included), uttering of blasphemous slogans, and sacrilege of Islamic sanctities in the vain hope of causing socio-economic damage to the Islamic Republic.
 Anyway, crimes against humanity never go unpunished and no seemingly strong military protector can safeguard those living in glasshouses but foolishly throwing stones at others, whether by committing crimes against the people of Yemen or indulging in terrorism against the people of Iran and other countries, oblivious of the fate in store for them.
 Sana’a is doing an excellent job in preventing the theft of Yemen’s oil and saving it for the oppressed people of Yemen, but sadly the people of Qatif and the oil-rich eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, have been reduced to silent spectators to the stealing of their hydrocarbon wealth on a grand scale by ARAMCO, since they have not yet developed the missiles, drones, and other means of deterrence to drive out the Saudi occupiers and stop the Americans from entering their homeland for the loot.
 The day they do it, along with their equally oppressed brethren in Bahrain, by learning the techniques mastered by the brotherly people of Yemen, peace will prevail not just in Arabia, but also in the Persian Gulf and beyond, which will be cleansed of the illegal presence of the CENTCOM terrorists and the Zionist criminals, to the relief of the people of Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria (where the US is stealing in broad daylight the oil of the Deir az-Zore region).


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