News ID: 109344
Publish Date : 23 November 2022 - 21:35

ILAM – Ilam Customs Administration Rouhollah Gholami announced on Wednesday that the country has exported 2.35 million tons of commodities to the neighboring country of Iraq through Mehran international border in northwest of western Iranian province of Ilam during the first eight months of the Iranian calendar year started on March 21.
The figure shows 84 percent increase in weight while being compared with that of in the preceding year, Gholami said.
During the mentioned period, worth of the exported products to Iraq has been about 1.9 billion dollars which indicated 72 percent growth after being compared with the previous year, the official underlined.
He further referred to ceramic, metal, petrochemicals, cement, plastics, car, etc. as the main products dispatched to Iraq.
Mehran in Iran’s Ilam Province is 230 km away from Baghdad and is Iran’s closest border city to Iraqi capital.

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