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Publish Date : 21 November 2022 - 21:47

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the Iranian nation continues to stage multi-million-strong rallies of hijab-clad women and dedicated men reaffirming loyalty to the Islamic Republic and its pious/patriotic leadership, with calls for punishment of the thugs, traitors, and terrorists, who blasphemed Islamic sanctities; trampled national emblems; looted shops; torched banks, private cars and public buses; knifed and shot to death policemen and passersby; its frustrated archenemies – the US, Britain, and the illegal Zionist entity – lamenting their failure have unleashed goons on Iranian missions abroad.
The latest crime of these fugitives from justice was Saturday’s violation of the diplomatic immunity of the Iranian embassy in London (right under the eyes of the motionless Bobbies) and desecration of the Islamic Republic’s tricolor flag which is emblazoned in its centre with the Almighty Creator’s Hallowed Name “Allah” flanked above and underneath (11 times each) by the sacred inscription “Allah-o Akbar” (God is Greatest).
Such a sacrilege is not the work of a Muslim, neither of an Iranian, nor of a human being, and yet these beasts are allowed to hurl at the staff of the Islamic Republic’s mission the most blasphemous expletives that shock civilized people.
This is all being done with the connivance of the British regime which is openly supporting arson, terrorism, and spate of murders in Iran, as part of its old and worn out colonial policy – now in league with the US – to undermine the Islamic Republic and if possible to overthrow it.
London – or for that matter, Washington, Paris, Berlin and other western capitals – very well knows that the Iranian people are staunchly Islamic, strongly nationalist, fiercely independent, politically prudent, industrially energetic, and culturally aesthetic to allow the enemies to manipulate their country.
This has been proven time and again over the past four decades in the face of the most intricate plots to impede their freedom and progress, including wars, coups, sanctions, terrorism, propaganda tirade, and politicization of economy-industrial issues, but to no avail.
The Islamic Republic is too stable to be rocked by rioters and their acts of terrorism, or by attacks on its missions abroad, or by the false narratives of the Farsi TV channels based in the West, or through fake news on the social media, or the sanctions of the US and the European Union, or by the target assassination of its scientists, or by the organized murder of its security personnel and civilians, or by the handful of foul-mouthed scantily-clad women and apostate men claiming to be Iranian (while their attire and demands do not prove this), shouting in the cities of North America and West Europe for change of the system of government in Iran.
Revolutions are set in motion by grassroots movements led by morally upright persons striving to cleanse the society of social ills for establishing a sound and healthy system of government based on the religious/spiritual aspirations of the people to live a dignified life of respect for women and an ethical environment for proper upbringing of children, with firm focus on independence from foreign hegemony and safeguarding of time-honoured and time-tested cultural values.
In other words, the firmly rooted system of governance in Iran cannot be changed by thugs, traitors, terrorists, and all other agents of outside powers who have no faith in Islam, neither respect for public morals, nor sensitiveness to the honour and dignity of women, and are intent upon selling Iran to its enemies with complete disregard for the spectacular developments achieved through the untiring efforts of Iranian scholars, scientists, statesmen, economists, politicians, athletes, educationists, and least but not the last, the religious leaders.
Iranians are not naive to allow the immoral outcasts of society or fugitives from justice who have nothing Iranian left in them, to turn Iran into a land of discos, cabarets, casinos, strip-tease clubs, whorehouses, centres of sodomy and lesbians, and nude beaches where wine flows like water, gamblers bring ruin to the society, tabloids publish pornographic material, and fornicators flout all rules of modesty in the name of life, liberty, youth, and women’s freedom.
The Iranian people, who chose the Islamic system of government and continue to defend it with their blood, will never bite the bait of the flawed and exploitative system called liberal democracy.
Thus, the latest plot that saw scattered incidents of riots in a few localities of Tehran and parts of some other cities soon petered out, and was a frustrated attempt by the US and West Europe to try to pressure Iran to bow to the blackmail of a breached and deformed JCPOA or else suffer socio-economic damage that would scare away investors, traders, pilgrims, and tourists.
This ploy has also failed, as is evident by the planeloads of pilgrims, tourists, traders, investors and officials of the free world arriving in Iran, undeterred by the West’s provocative policies and false propaganda of a country in turmoil.
To recall the prophetic words of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA); The US cannot do a damn thing.

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