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Publish Date : 21 November 2022 - 21:46

Iranian Films Crowned Best at Barcelona Festival

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- The 10th edition of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona (AFFBCN) in Spain has awarded three Iranian movies.
‘Mom’, directed by Arash Anisi, won the award for best director at the official section of the event.
‘Mom’ portrays a woman, who lost all the nice things she once had, including her name, her job and her husband, years ago after the outbreak of the war. Now she works as a taxi driver and lives with her three children in a small apartment.
In order to proceed with her maternal authority, she decides to keep her children away from each other, and of course from a plot of land that she owns.
Just when she gets rid of the wife of her youngest son, her other son decides to marry one of her companions.
The story thus unfolds in two parallel worlds: in the real world and in the world recreated in the film script that her youngest son is writing.
Amir Norouzi, Erfan Ebrahimi, Amir Shams and Shaqayeq Shourian make the cast list of the flick.
‘Absence’, written and directed by Ali Mosaffa, and ‘Lipar’, made by Hossein Rigi, received the best screenplay award.
The 100-minute ‘Absence’ is about an Iranian man who visits Prague to investigate his father’s youth in the city.
He finds himself in the shoes of a third man who is almost dead and happens to be of Iranian origin.
The cast list includes Magdaléna Borová, Zuzana Krónerová, Klára Melísková, Adam Vacula, Zuzana Stivínová, and the director.
‘Lipar’ follows Barakat, a Baloch teen, who is very interested in the cinema industry, especially Bollywood. He is trying to find his life’s vague secret to find an answer to his questions.
The AFFBCN specializing in Asian cinema remains faithful to its origins, in which it presents a program that includes more than a hundred films proceeding from around 25 countries in Asia and the Asia – Pacific region, in which historical narrative, gender, and drama in all its dimensions fill the cinematographic proposal of this edition with its content.
The 10th edition of the event took place on October 26-November 6.