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Publish Date : 13 November 2022 - 22:09

1st Petrochemical Consortium to Develop Iran Gas Fields

TEHRAN – Secretary General of the Petrochemical Industry Employers Association Ahmad Mahdavi Abhari said on Sunday that an Iranian petrochemical consortium has started operations to develop gas fields in the country.
Mahdavi Abhari that feedstock price formula may be revised for petrochemical companies, and said: “With the formation of the first consortium of petrochemical companies to operate in the upstream sector, work has begun on the three gas fields of Khartang, Gardhan and Pazen.”
He added: “Representatives from the Islamic Consultative Assembly, members of the Parliament’s Industries Commission and the head of the Petrochemical Committee were present in this meeting.”
Referring to the importance of the petrochemical industry in the capital market and the national economy, the official stated: “From the beginning of the current calendar year, which began on March 21 until November 8, about $9.4 billion have been injected into the NIMA Forex system by petrochemical companies.”
Mahdavi Abhari continued: “Petrochemical industry is a leading industry that needs to be supported, and this issue is mostly the responsibility of the Ministry of Petroleum and requires the attention of this ministry to the issues concerning this industry.”