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Publish Date : 11 November 2022 - 22:20

TEHRAN (IBNA) -- The 41st Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) has kicked off as Iran’s ‎Book and Literature House Institute which represents our country’s publishing industry ‎has attended this event for the first time.‎
IIBF 2022 has been organized by the Indonesian Publishers Association (Ikapi) and is specially held in conjunction with the 33rd International Publishers Association (IPA) Congress on 10-12 November 2022 in Jakarta.
134 publishers from Iran, Malaysia, China, the United States, South Korea, Thailand and Brunei have attended the fair which will run by November 13 at the Jakarta Convention Center.
Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute has a stand of 18 square meters in the event displaying over 400 books on a variety of subjects such as books for children and young adults with an approach to ethical concepts and Quranic stories, the Sacred Defense, the proximity of religions, Classical and contemporary Persian literature, Iranology and arts.
Introducing Iran’s publishing industry, the Grant Plan of the Culture Ministry aimed to promote the translation and publication of Persian books into other languages, Iran’s Book of the Year World Award, Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and literary works are among the activities of Iran’s Book and Literature House at IIBF 2022.
was established in 1980 under the name of the Indonesia Book Fair (IBF). To reach a bigger audience, in 2014 Indonesia Book Fair became Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) with Saudi Arabia as its first Guest of Honor country, followed by South Korea in 2015 and Malaysia in 2016.
IIBF is a hybrid book fair. It is a mix of B to B and B to C book fair, and it is enriched by some cultural and educational programs. IIBF helps participants to meet their goals and to meet potential business partners. IIBF is not just a book fair, it’s a book affair! Some Facts on Indonesia is the largest market of books and literature in South East Asia. Indonesia has a huge population of more than 270 million people, with more than 10 million residents in Jakarta. A middle class of up to 130 million people with a monthly expenditure of US $13 billion.
There are more than 1,700 publishers listed as a member of Ikapi (Indonesian Publishers Association). There are approx. 40,000 new titles are published yearly in which most of the titles are acquired through rights purchases from around the world.

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