News ID: 108779
Publish Date : 08 November 2022 - 21:41

Poisonous Propaganda of a Political Pimp

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Remember John Bolton, the bespectacled Bozo notorious for his blind hatred of the Islamic Republic who served as National Security Advisor to the rogue Donald Trump for a year (2018-19) and was instrumental in pushing that idiotic US president to breech the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) on Iran’s right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
The other day this mustachioed miscreant was back in the news on the Farsi False Narrative TV Channel of Britain’s state broadcaster BBC spewing fresh venom and shamelessly supporting the thugs, terrorists, and traitors who recently rioted in a few localities of Tehran and parts of some other cities –  vandalizing state property, looting shops, setting cabs on fire, brutally killing policemen and civilians, attacking mosques, trampling religious symbols, burning copies of the holy Qur’an, shouting blasphemous slogans, desecrating the sanctity of shrines and murdering pilgrims.
He called the saboteurs and mass murderers ‘opposition groups’ and tried to threaten Iran by saying that these outfits are now fully armed and capable of confronting the security forces – as if the US had hitherto not supplied weapons over the past four decades to the terrorists, whether those infiltrating the western borders or the southeastern borders. 
The bluff master uttered another preposterous lie about the source of weapons that these subversive groups have when he alleged that the armaments, besides being smuggled from Iraqi Kurdistan, were seized from the Basiji units, when the fact of the matter is that the Basijis do not carry arms.
He indirectly urged the US regime to speed up the smuggling of weapons into Iran for the terrorists and traitors, wishing: “guns in their hands right now could have made a big difference.”
A political pimp who is an infamous advocate of the MKO terrorists known as “munafeqin” or hypocrites in Iran for their open alliance with Saddam during the US imposed war on the Islamic Republic (1980-88) and the killing of over 17,000 Iranians (officials and ordinary citizens included), Bolton was handed a hefty sum of forty thousand dollars (provided by Saudi Arabia, of course) for his speech in 2017 in Paris in support of this treacherous outfit.
A regular speaker at the gatherings of the MKO traitors in Europe who has long discredited himself, even among American politicians, for his gibberish, such as “we will celebrate in Tehran in 2019 the downfall of the Islamic Republic”, he has far been paid 180,000 dollarsm according to the lowest estimates, while the actual amount he received could be much higher – in view of Saudi Arabia’s readiness to squander more oil wealth for anyone willing to spew poison at Iran.
It is not yet known how much the BBC’s False Narrative Farsi TV Channel paid him for his latest tirade and threats against the Islamic Republic – not the money of the British taxpayers, but the generosity of the regime in Riyadh – but such propaganda only exposes the frustration and failure of the enemies without having the least effect on the Islamic Republic and its principled policies, whether at home or abroad. 
Thanks God, Iran’s security personal who with the support of the dedicated masses, have over the past forty-three years defeated every US-Zionist plot, are fully aware of and vigilant against the devilish designs of the terrorists and traitors, with full confidence of weeding them out, even if they happen to be in the their supposedly safe heavens across the borders.