News ID: 108773
Publish Date : 08 November 2022 - 21:31

TEHRAN (IP) -- A knowledge-based company active in the health sector in Shiraz industrial town, the capital of Fars province, is engaged in diversifying national production by applying new technology.
Mojtaba Nazemi, one of the managers of the production department of this knowledge-based company has told reporters that the company produces orthopedic products, sports medicine, etc.
He noted that this company’s products are made of medical titanium material and can compete with the world’s leading brands.
This knowledge-based company, with 80 active workers, currently supplies 15% of domestic needs and is going to supply 30% of Iran’s medical products in the next step.
Knowledge-based companies play a prominent role in meeting the needs of the medical industry, and during the COVID outbreak, most of the medical and health products needed to deal with the virus were designed and manufactured inside Iran with the activities of knowledge-based companies.

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