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Publish Date : 08 November 2022 - 21:31

Best-Selling Children’s Book Rendered Into Persian

TEHRAN (IBNA) -- ‘The Same But Different Too’ (2020) a work by English writer of children’s book ‎Karl Newson has been versified into Persian by Assadollah Sha’bani and published.‎
Born in 1958, Sha’bani is an Iranian poet and author of children’s books. The versified Persian version of ‘The Same But Different Too’. The work has been released by Narengi Book (children and young adult department of Valeh Publishing) in 32 pages.
I am me, you are you.
We’re the same, but different too.
There’s something about each of us that makes us special. But while everyone is unique, we all have many things in common as well. Explore the ways that we are all the same but different, too, in this joyful and simple celebration of individuality and camaraderie. Filled with children and their animal friends, this rhyming text illuminates the wonderfully different and similar things that make us who we are.
Kirkus Reviews comments on this book: “Charming pairs of human and animal characters celebrate their similarities and differences...Entertaining.”
Karl Newson is a best-selling, multi-award-winning children’s book author, whose stories are published in 29 languages around the world.
He has enjoyed playing with words and making up stories since he was small. He lives in London with his partner in crime, and the fox and owl who live at the end of the garden. When he isn’t working, Karl likes watching films with his children, listening to music and walking in the woods.