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Publish Date : 08 November 2022 - 21:30

Salaam dear young friends, and hopefully you are all fine by the Grace of God Almighty. May the Lord Most High grant you youngsters the essence of faith, along with the best of health, and of course, success and prosperity in life, with salvation in afterlife!
Never be careless in any sphere of life, whether at school, or at university; and for that matter at home and among friends, while commuting in any form of transport or performing exercises and playing games.
Your health and your safety are of paramount importance. Use masks when you are in the public and don’t expose yourself to either excessive heat or extreme cold.
Be careful while crossing the street, and don’t expect that all motorists and bikers are excellent drivers and conscious of their actions. It is your responsibility to be extra cautious in order to avoid accidents or any untoward incident.
Many accidents occur while you are unaware. As a matter of fact, an accident means a sudden and unexpected calamity and not something that is planned.
So dear youngsters use every precaution to protect yourselves; physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and this way you will safe and sound.
Mental and Spiritual security is very vital. First of all, utmost efforts should be made to safeguard the sensitive parts of our body, like the head and limbs, and then we ought to be in the proper state of mind, so as to keep our brains safe and sound.
We are not talking about brain tumours, brain hemorrhage, Alzheimer’s disease, and etc. What we mean is to have the proper mindset that does not go off the track, nor could be perverted by harmful thoughts.
Once improper ideas creep in, whether through misguided persons in society or whether through the propaganda of the enemies of humanity, such as the US and its lackeys, then simple-minded people would be misled and turned into thugs, vandals, traitors, and even terrorists.
This is clear from the events that normally occur around the world.
Therefore, in order to protect the mind, we should strive to perfect our faith, and perfection of faith means the correct cognizance of God Almighty, our Merciful Creator. And this is not possible, except through following the guidelines of the Prophets, particularly the Last and Greatest of them all, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
This means Islam is the most dynamic path towards God and salvation, and as the holy Qur’an clearly states in ayah 3 of Surah Ma’edah, faith was perfected by the Prophet’s proclamation of Imam Ali (AS) as his vicegerent on the command of God.
Goodbye and God bless you until we meet again next week.

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