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Publish Date : 02 November 2022 - 22:06

Iran All Set to Deliver Another Teeth-Smashing Blow to the US

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Tomorrow is one of the Divine Days. Although the days and the nights, as Planet Earth revolves on its axis as it orbits the Sun thereby creating alternate hours of light and darkness, are manifest signs of the Almighty Creator, there are certain days that have assumed importance due to memorable occurrences during the course of history.One such day is the 13th of the Iranian month of Aban (November 4) on which Iranian university students rewrote history through their spectacular capture of the den of spies in Tehran that the so-called US embassy actually was.
Under cover of diplomatic immunity, the Americans were using this large area in the centre of the Iranian capital for keeping tag on the activities of the Iranian people, hiring thugs for sabotage, virtually running the puppet regime of the British-installed rootless Pahlavi potentate, and a wide variety of other illegal and evil acts, including spying on a vast swathe of west, south, and central Asia, especially what was then the Soviet Union.
Thus, in 1979, nine months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution that delivered Iran from internal despotism and foreign hegemony, when Tehran University students marking the first anniversary of the US-ordered killing of a group of peacefully protesting colleagues on the day on which in 1964 Washington had ordered the Shah to exile the Father of the Islamic Revolution to Turkey, decided to march towards the Espionage Den, no one, not even the American spies, were aware of what was in store for them.
Suddenly, the young Iranians scaled the walls and the fences, and braving gunfire from the American guards, waded across the compound and headed towards the buildings where now the scared spies started shredding sensitive proofs of their nefarious activities.
The rest is history. The spies were rounded up and the so-called embassy was exposed to Iranians and people all over the world as a main American centre of undiplomatic activities that included plots underway to try to overthrow the newly founded Islamic Republic.
Today, 43 years later, the Great Satan whose nose has been profusely bleeding as its plots continue to fail against Iran and the Iranian people, has resorted to yet another ruse, not to try to overthrow the firmly established system, which it cannot, but to try to tarnish the image of the Islamic Republic and inflict socio-economic damage through scattered incidents of riots in a few localities of Tehran and parts of some other cities. 
Its team of thugs, tricksters, terrorists, and traitors that include a handful of characterless women, have been ordered to indulge in arson, vandalism, murder, blasphemy, and obscene acts in public, accompanied by shouting of the weirdest of slogans against Islam and the Islamic Republic.
These are being relayed by the TV channels of the West and their mercenaries to mislead the world that Iran is in flames and people are demanding “women’s rights, life, and freedom” – as if Iranian ladies who over the past four decades have been active in all spheres of the society, enjoying life in the most decent and healthy manner with their male counterparts, amidst the high degree of freedom that is sorely absent in the US and Europe, have been deprived of all these liberties.
Well, except for the naïve and the knaves, no one around the world believes in the fake news of the frustrated US, whose plot has again miserably failed, thanks to the multimillion rallies of the past weeks of the Iranian men and women (and the children accompanying them) whose presence on the scene has nipped in the bud the riots and led to the arrest of the mercenaries.
So clumsy has been the latest plot of the US that world people have realized the miserableness of the West whose regimes unable to force many of the Iranians living in their countries, assembled in New York, Paris, Berlin, and London, a few hundred hirelings unable to speak Farsi, shouting slogans against the Islamic Republic.
Iran is the country of the virtuous and vigilant Muslim masses adhering to the Holy Qur’an and dedicated to their God-oriented leadership. So no one in his or her wildest dreams can undermine the solid foundations of the Islamic Republic.
No wonder, Imam Khomeini (RA), hailing the capture of the US den of spies as the “Second Revolution” had designated Aban 13 as “Youmollah” or a “Divine Day”, on the anniversary of which tomorrow on Friday, scores of millions of Iranian men, women, children, the youth and the elderly will take to the streets of over 900 towns and cities to chant “Death to the US” – to the horror of the enemies of Iran and Islam.