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Publish Date : 01 November 2022 - 21:36

Iranians Rally to Protest German Role in Riots

TEHRAN – Ordinary Iranians and war veterans gathered in front of the German embassy here Tuesday in protest at the government of Germany’s role in the recent riots in Iran.
The protestors carried placards and chanted slogans against the German government for its dark record in supporting former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and its recent interference in the internal affairs of Iran.
“A number of my comrades and friends became handicapped and some were martyred in the war because of the enemy’s chemical attacks. Documents that have been released reveal that Germany had provided Saddam with raw materials for chemical bombs,” one protesters, who still suffers from physical injuries sustained during the Iraqi-imposed war of 1980-190 on Iran, said.
The demonstrators also vented their anger on Germany’s chancellor and foreign minister for interference in Iran’s domestic affairs and supporting riots and unrest in the country.
The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has said in a statement that several European citizens, including Germans, have been arrested for having a role in the recent violent riots in the country.
On Monday, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Iran took a swipe at Germany for its unconstructive initiative to classify the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a “terrorist organization”.
Denouncing Germany’s move as another “irresponsible measure” in relation to the Islamic Republic that results from a “wrong approach” to the Iranian government and nation, Nasser Kanaani said, “The IRGC is an official military organization of Iran… We hope that the government of Germany and the other governments would take account of the outcome of their unconstructive measures and not sacrifice their bilateral interests for transient political expediencies and emotional decisions.”
His comments came after German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Sunday that her country and the European Union were examining whether to classify the IRGC as a “terrorist organization”.
“I made it clear last week that we will launch another package of sanctions, that we will examine how we can also list the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization,” Baerbock said in an interview with ARD broadcaster on October 30.