News ID: 108419
Publish Date : 30 October 2022 - 21:40
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writers
What is the religion of the rioters who recently indulged in vandalism and murder of innocent citizens in some localities of Tehran and parts of a few other cities by shouting blasphemous slogans and desecrating Islamic sanctities, while a handful of characterless women who followed them committed indecent acts in public?
Why were they intent on derailing the spectacular progress and development of the country which they claim to be their homeland and yet feel no inhibitions in resorting to treason at the behest of the sworn enemies of Iran and the Iranian people, such as the US, Britain, and the illegal Zionist entity?
Could they be called human beings merely because of their appearance when these heartless thugs and terrorists savagely slaughtered in the most inhuman manner not just several police personnel but also unsuspecting passersby, cab drivers, shopkeepers, worshippers at holy sites and even children as young as two-year old toddlers, and then sadistically circulated on the social media the horrible scenes of their crimes against humanity?
These are some of the questions being posed by scores of millions of Iranians who have been staging peaceful rallies in every town and city of the country over the past few weeks to reaffirm their faith in Islam, to renew allegiance to the ideals of the Islamic Republic, to reiterate support for the leadership, to reemphasize the freedom of the Hijab for women and to restate the rights of the youthful generation to bring to justice the enemies of the nation.
The answers to the above questions are obvious for every patriotic Iranian: The rioters are not only outside the pale of Islam but they have no faith in any religion or set of beliefs, along with the undeniable fact that they are traitors acting as per the orders received from their godfathers in the West to commit every imaginable crime against Iran and the Iranian people.
This is evident by the slogans they shout against the Islamic Revolution that freed the country from domestic despotism and Anglo-American hegemony, and has turned Iran into a powerful nation self-reliant in almost every field, and capable of confronting the devilish designs of the US, the Zionists, and their regional clients including the terroristic separatists and the transnational takfiri seditionists.
The multitudinous faithful masses have again thwarted yet another intricate plot of Washington and its comrades-in-crime against the country, and will ensure that the misled who have repented will undergo due reformation, while justice in its proper sense will be meted out to the real culprits, who have now been fully identified, exposed, mostly apprehended, and categorized as follows:
None, except the 5th column tries to hand over the country to its enemies.
None, except traitors try to derail the progress and development of their own homeland?
None, except hypocrites mislead the naïve and unsuspecting persons through pretensions of being Iranian.
None, except terrorists indiscriminately murder pilgrims, police personnel, passersby, and all sorts of people, including businessmen and office workers.
None, except the faithless attack mosques, burn copies of the holy Qur’an, and desecrate Islamic emblems?
None, except immoral women offend public morals on the false claim of freedom by dressing immodestly and attempting to snatch the veils of decent ladies.
None, except apostates blaspheme the piety and patriotism of the religious-political establishment for its selfless service in promotion of spiritual values in society and for its safeguarding of the independence and progress of Iran through political prudence and economic acumen.


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