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Publish Date : 28 October 2022 - 22:34

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The length and breadth of the Islamic Republic on Friday saw scores of millions of citizens rallying on the streets to decry the latest sacrilege and demand stern punishment for criminals of all shade and colour assembled under the US umbrella to disturb the peace and security of the nation through riots and acts of terrorism.
The multitudinous rallies denounced the murderers, the hypocrites, the traitors, and the terrorists, but the main denunciation was for the chief culprit, the US.
“Marg bar America” (death to the US) was the vociferous cry of the Iranian people for history’s most evil regime which since 1979 has resorted to every dirty plot against Iran, including coups, war, sanctions, sedition, terrorism, treachery, propaganda, sedition, and now a campaign of fake news, but failed miserably, although this devilry has taken a high heavy toll of innocent Iranian life.
The latest satanic act of the US was last Wednesday’s sacrilege of the sanctity of the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz by a takfiri terrorist whose firing on pilgrims resulted in the martyrdom of at least 15 persons and injury to 19 others.
This murderous incident seems to be an act of frustration by the ‘Great Satan’ following failure of the scattered incidents of riots, arson, and blasphemy in a few localities of Tehran and parts of some other cities that soon petered out despite the goading of the agnostic thugs, terrorists, traitors, and women of loose morals by the media horns of the West to indulge in more lawlessness.
Friday’s peaceful demonstrators, many of whom carried portraits of Martyr Qassem Soleimani, were of the opinion that delayed justice against his murderers is among the factors that has emboldened the US to incite the latest acts of sedition in Iran.
They pointed out that if punishment had been swift for the martyred general’s assassins, such as former US president, Donald Trump, the latter’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and others including chief CENTCOM terrorists, Washington would not have dared to disturb peace in Iran.
Nevertheless, President Joe Biden and his Jewish Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, should not be immune to the course of justice which Iran has the right to take in response to the innocent blood spilled on the streets of the Islamic Republic by American agents.
Thanks to the sacrifices of the security forces and the vigilance of the masses the fate of the murderously blasphemous rioters is sealed and only doom is their destiny.
Of Course, those who sincerely repent with guarantees to abstain from falling prey to the temptation of the satanic conspirators will be absorbed in the national mainstream through proper religious, cultural and ideological grooming.
The Islamic Republic is a God-oriented system of government, while the Leader of the Islamic Revolution is a pious, patient, prudent, and peerlessly patriotic person, which means no group of agnostic, impious, and immoral unbelievers with neither faith in Islam nor commitment to Iran, will be able to undermine.
This was echoed by the multimillion demonstrators on Friday with emphasis on Iran’s liberating role in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, and other places, where the Americans have failed, and Insha Allah (God Willing) will be made to flee from the rest of the region.

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