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Publish Date : 28 October 2022 - 22:34

CANBERRA (Dispatches) -- New study shows that low vitamin D levels are associated with premature death resulting in a call for people to follow healthy vitamin D level guidelines.
The study carried out by University of South Australia researchers , indicated strong evidence for the connection between low levels of vitamin D and mortality, and it was the first study of its kind to also include respiratory disease related mortality as an outcome.
They used a new genetic method to explore and affirm the non-linear relationships that they had seen in observational settings, and through that they had been able to give strong evidence for the connection between low vitamin D status and premature death.
The study found that the more severe the vitamin D deficiency, the greater the risk of mortality.
Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps maintain good health and keep our bones and muscles strong and healthy.
It’s the vitamin that we get from the sun, yet despite its ample availability, one in three Australian adults still suffer from mild, moderate or severe vitamin D deficiency.

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