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Publish Date : 25 October 2022 - 20:48

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- The One Take Film Festival Number Twelve in Croatia has played host to Iranian short film ‘121 Days Later’.
Directed by Hossein Fatemian, the 15-minute short was on screen at the main competition program of the 12th edition of the event that is dedicated to screening of films shot in one take.
A brief synopsis for the film reads, “Standing in front of a building in an unnamed Iranian city, a middle-aged man explains to someone via a mobile phone that five million tomans were stolen from him to settle a debt. When he heads towards the building where he lives, he will find a black bag with almost exactly the amount of money that was stolen from him. However, one hundred thousand tomans are missing from the bundle of banknotes, which is why he cannot settle the debt as he wished.
However, his wife is ready to help him in paying off the debt. She will give the money to their daughter to take to her father. But, the daughter has other plans with the money, because she has been wanting to buy some books for a long time”.
The cast list of ‘121 Days Later’ includes, Hamidreza Naeimi, Mehri Aleagha, Mahrooz Nasersharif and Tina Timajchi.
The One Take Film Festival is an international event for films shot in one frame, in other words in one breath, from the moment the camera is turned on to the moment it is turned off.
This year’s edition of the event was held on October 19-22.

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