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Publish Date : 24 October 2022 - 21:53

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Was it a compliment (with full awareness of the phrase used) for the devotion and dedication of Russia to the people of Ukraine to help them wriggle free from the deception and diabolism of NATO?
Or was it an ignorant remark intended as a denigration of an opponent but which rebounded on the user of the phrase to make him look like a dullard unable to understand facts and realities.
In any case, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s use of a famous Qur’anic phrase for Russia was appreciated by both his friends and foes, who unanimously say: “He speaks like a dyed in the wool Zionist.”
The Ukrainian president who is Jewish by faith but not of Israelite stock since his forbears were pagan Khazars who converted to Judaism, seems proud of the fact that the racist political concept of “Zionism” was the brainchild of his east European ilk which now occupies Palestine and controls the regimes of Europe and the Americas – and not coined by offspring of the 12 sons of Israel (Prophet Jacob), the vast majority of whom are the Arabicized Muslims and Christians of the Occupied Land, with only a fraction of a minority remaining the original Jews.
Thus, when he referred to Russia as “European Hezbollah” his friends beamed with joy while the rest of the world became further convinced that he was a Zionist lackey bent upon destroying the Slavic people of Ukraine by pushing them into a war (actually civil war) with their own kith and kin (the Russians) at the bidding of NATO and the US, who want to weaken Moscow’s military might and economy.
Those praising him for his witless choice of the phrase are actually terrified of the growing power and prestige of Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, whom out of hypocrisy they label ‘terrorist’ for shattering the myth of Israel’s military might, for assisting the oppressed people of Palestine develop means of retaliation against Zionist attacks, and for helping Syria defeat the macabrely murderous takfiri terrorists that were armed by the West.
Zelenskyy, who despite the sincere efforts of the Islamic Republic to mediate peace between Ukraine and Russia, has blindly bowed to dictates from Tel Aviv and Washington to downgrade diplomatic ties with Tehran and wrongly accuse Iran of supplying some of its world-class drones and missiles to Moscow (as if the militarily advanced Russians need them), ought to take stock of his string of errors.
If he really wants to end the NATO war in Ukraine, he should heed the voice of reason, sit at the negotiation table with the Russian leadership, and in the interests of the people of a Slavic country he has adopted as homeland, ink an agreement against joining the US-West Europe’s provocative military push towards the east.
Does Zelenskyy, a comedian by profession whose acting on the political stage has turned into a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, have the courage to take such sagacious steps even if it requires relinquishing the presidency?
If he has, we will certainly help him work in ending the war and signing a peace treaty for the sake of humanitarian values which require countries to be strong and independent rather than being misled by the devilish powers whose main intention is to disturb peace, stability, and economic development all over the world.
We Iranians, as Muslims following the Holy Qur’an, are well aware of the Almighty Creator’s use of the phrase “Hezbollah” twice in the Heavenly Scripture to define the promised success and victory of those who are selflessly devoted and dedicated to the cause of humanity with firm resolve to nip sedition in the bud by the diabolical hordes of terrorists and traitors intent upon derailing national development and selling the homeland.
In view of these undeniable facts, Zelenskyy ought not to parrot in a sarcastic manner the misnomers deliberately used by the West for its opponents, otherwise fate will have the last laugh upon him.
The impeccable image of God-wary patriotic forces, whether in Lebanon and Iran, or in other countries where popular movements are defending their homes and hearths against the US-Zionist client regimes and terrorists, can never be tarnished, since the enemies of “Hezbollah” are indeed the “Hezb-osh-Shaytan” (Party of Satan) – also a Qur’anic phrase to describe the fate of the perfidiously perpetual losers.

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