News ID: 108105
Publish Date : 22 October 2022 - 22:03
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The US and its proxies are playing with fire in the vain hope of scorching Iran and force it to sacrifice the rights and interests of the Iranian people, oblivious of the fact that the flames they have lit are all set to burn them badly in view of the strong winds of resistance blowing from the Islamic Republic.
First the Americans tried to ignite an inter-Shi’a Muslim war in Iraq on the eve of the grand Arba’een anniversary to prevent the presence of millions of Iranian pilgrims in the holy city of Karbala, but they miserably failed, thanks to the awareness of the patriotic Iraqi people who have now succeeded in taking proper steps to form a national government that will firmly stand beside its Iranian brethren.
A frustrated Washington then turned its satanic eyes on the southern Caucasus in collaboration with the Zionist devils, but before it could destabilize the joint borders of Iran, and the republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia, a stray incident of the death through natural causes of a woman undergoing routine counseling in Tehran, made its plans go awry as its mercenaries of thugs, terrorists, and traitors, rioted in a few localities of the capital and some cities by committing acts of arson, plunder, murder, and blasphemy, thereby forcing the US to show open support for them and get further humiliated, as the multimillion rallies of the Iranian people drove out the rioters from the scene.
Now, with no prospects of pressuring Iran into accepting the rump JCPOA with the illegal sanctions intact, and with no hope of browbeating the awakened people of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen into submission, the US, which is alarmed at the spectacular progress of the Islamic Republic in developing diplomatic ties with the free world and building a national economy independent of any obsolete accord that would unnecessarily restrict its right to further develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, is again trying to heat up the situation in the southern Caucasus.
The Islamic Republic, however, is fully alert and will never allow any changes in the political borders of the republics to its northwest in a region which for centuries – if not millennia – was an integral part of Iran.
Through diplomacy and through holding of military exercises to warn the Zionists and other outsiders to stay away from the region, Tehran has advised both Baku and Yerevan to patch up their differences, instead of succumbing to Washington’s bait.
The US is no friend of the ruling party of the Republic of Azerbaijan which should discontinue its military buildup near the sensitive Zangezur corridor. 
The US is also not a friend of Christian Armenia, and the reason it sent Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to Yerevan last month with empty words of support was nothing but a devilish move to deceive the government of Armenia in order to create a rift with Russia.
The Islamic Republic, with its long experience of dousing the flames of sedition and turning the tables on its enemies, has thus opened a consulate general in Kapan, located in Armenia’s southernmost province of Syunik.
Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who inaugurated the consulate on Friday, minced no words when he said: “Iran considers Armenia’s security to be the security of its own and the whole region.”
He added to the applause by his Armenian counterpart, Ararat Mirzoyan, the opening of the new diplomatic mission points to the “time-honored” quality of the ties between two countries, and the resolve to use the area as a conduit for travelling of people and transporting of goods to the outside world.
All this means, the US and its proxies will be burned badly if they make the folly of playing with fire in a region, where people, whether the Armenians or the Azeris, including those living in the Nakhchevan enclave, look towards Iran as the protector of their rights and interests.


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