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Publish Date : 21 October 2022 - 21:48

TEHRAN -- Foreign Minister Hussein Amir-Abdollahian on Thursday reaffirms Iran’s opposition to implementation of any changes to the regional countries’ internationally-recognized contours.
Amir-Abdollahian made the remarks to his Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan in Yerevan. The top diplomat travelled to the Armenian capital at the head of a political delegation at Mirzoyan’s invitation.
Discussing regional developments with Mirzoyan, the Iranian official said the Islamic Republic was “unequivocally opposed” to any violation of the regional states’ official borders.
He termed Iran’s objection to transgression of the regional borders as the country’s “principled perspective.”
Amir-Abdollahian also underlined the stance during a meeting with Georg Papuyan, the visiting head of the Iran-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group, in Tehran earlier this month.
During the Thursday meeting, the Iranian and Armenian officials also discussed the issue of bilateral ties.
Amir-Abdollahian pointed to the countries’ age-old relations, underlining the need for the ties’ enhancement as well as their “redefinition” across various scopes, especially in the area of “economic and transit cooperation.”
The official said the current $700-million bilateral trade could be elevated to $1 billion given the capacities that are available to either country.
The Armenian official, for his part, expressed gratitude towards the Islamic Republic over its stances concerning various regional subject matters.
He also laid emphasis on the need for continuation and further development of the mutual relations, especially regarding transit cooperation through the North-South corridor.

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