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Publish Date : 19 October 2022 - 22:05


TEHRAN -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said here Wednesday universities are one of the greatest fortresses against attempts by arrogant powers to dominate the country, calling on the elite community to stay vigilant against enemy plots.
“Universities are a key pillar for the country’s progress. Enemies of the country’s progress value any opportunity that can harm, close, or cripple universities. Universities are one of the largest obstacles standing in the way of the arrogant powers’ domination,” said Ayatollah Khamenei during a meeting with young talents and intellects.
“The world’s bullying powers seek to dominate. How? One day with weapons, one day with deception, and one day with science. Universities prevent their domination. If you are able to elevate the scientific status of the country, you have created an obstacle to the enemy’s domination,” the Leader added.
Ayatollah Khamenei said outstanding scientific talents are among the most important human assets of the country.
“The presence of the youth, especially talented youth, engenders hope wherever they are. I truly thank God that now after the COVID-19 pandemic has diminished in our country, this lively, energetic, promising meeting is being held in person once again.
“Talented persons are among the most important assets of the country. When we recognize that the talented are a great wealth, we will endeavor to nurture talented individuals, we will understand that losing them is a loss, and we will prevent this loss as much as possible.”
At various times, Ayatollah Khamenei said, attempts have been made to close down universities or classes, due to the essential role that universities play.
He was making a reference to the recent riots across the country that hit some universities, with agitators trying to force lecturers not to attend their classes.
The Leader said those who attempt to threaten lecturers out of attending their classes may not be the main elements behind the unrest, adding that the enemy, as the main perpetrator, has an eye on the country’s scientific progress and is doing its utmost to disrupt it.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that during the era of monarchy prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979, young talents were not provided with the opportunity to thrive.
“This did not exist during the tyrannical period, or even if it did exist, it was not among the official policies,” he said. “Many of them (intellects) had good talents and were ready to try, but they were smacked on the head.”

Ayatollah Khamenei enumerated the achievements of the Iranian scientists.
“Any issue our scientists have focused on, they’ve carried out tasks revered by the world: stem cells and animal cloning, sending satellites into space, humanoid robots, nuclear technology, building advanced missiles and drones, and making vaccines, specially COVID vaccines.
“A few years ago, when pictures of our advanced missiles and drones were published, they said they are photoshopped pictures. Now they say Iranian drones are dangerous; why do you sell them to so and so? These are feats carried out by Iranian elites. They bring honor to our country.”

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