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Publish Date : 10 October 2022 - 22:02
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The regime in France is red with rage at the confession of two of its spies on Iranian TV on Paris’ involvement in fueling the recent US-directed riots in some localities of Tehran and parts of a few other cities.
In a vain bid to save its badly scarred face it has thrown diplomacy to the winds and begun to act more shamelessly by calling as “revolutionaries” the Godless thugs, the traitors, and the terrorists, who desecrated the sanctity of mosques, burned copies of the holy Qur’an, torched buses, looted public and private properties, and killed innocent people, while a few morally-loose women set fire to their own headscarves and tried to snatch the veils of decent ladies.
At the same time, the regime assembled in front of the Iranian embassy in Paris a gang of Iranian fugitives from justice, including scantily clad women, to shout the most obscene slogans against the Islamic Republic and its senior officials whose piety and commitment to the nation is a byword.
Does Emmanuel Macron, along with the dudes in Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Ottawa, and especially Washington where the main mannequin resides, think that vandalism in some isolated spots (magnified beyond proportion by the West’s Zionist controlled media) could undermine the spectacular progress of Iran or make it submit to the US blackmail at the JCPOA – if not overthrow the Islamic system of government?
Delirium is the proper word to describe the daydreams of the neo-colonialists whose state terrorism of the past forty-three years in the form of economic and other sanctions has failed to derail the development of the Islamic Republic which today is the paramount power in the region with self-sufficiency in all fields and with growing influence in the neighbourhood to help nations and movements defeat American-Zionist hegemony.
As a matter of fact, the disclosure of the French involvement in the US plot against Iran by Jacqeus Paris and his female colleague Cécile Kohler (surname sounds German Jewish), who had arrived in Tehran as tourists, is nothing new.
It is continuation of the record of betrayals of Iran by France that first occurred in 1809 when Napoleon Bonaparte shamelessly violated his accord with Fath Ali Shah for help against an expansionist Russia that resulted in the Qajarid defeat in the Caucasus and cessation in 1813 to Czar Alexander I of large swathes of Iranian territory from what is now the Republic of Azerbaijan to Daghestan.
Later in 1857 despite the signing of the Treaty of Paris, France never helped Iran recover Herat from the British who had seized this city of Khorasan in 1839 and annexed it to newly created Afghanistan.
Then there is the issue of Eurodif which was based in France and largely financed by Iran, but following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Paris and its European partners backtracked and refused to supply Tehran with fuel for its nuclear reactors.
In spite of the fact, the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) on being asked to leave Ba’thist Iraq had briefly stayed in the Paris suburb of Neauphle-le-Château on a tourist visa before returning in triumph to Iran, the regime in Paris never reciprocated the goodwill of the Islamic Republic.
Instead, France became one of the principal backers of Saddam’s 8-year war by supplying him sophisticated weapons including Super Étendard aircraft and Exocet missiles to kill Iran’s defenders and bomb towns and cities.
Paris subsequently became the hub of fugitives fleeing from justice in Iran in particular the MKO terrorists who killed at least 17,000 Iranian citizens, including senior officials, and treasonously sided with Saddam in the war against Iran.
And now France, which along with its accomplices Germany and Britain, discreetly supported American lawlessness regarding the JCPOA by never fulfilling its commitments, is openly siding with terrorists, traitors, thugs, and characterless women (who misuse freedom to bare their heads in public, thereby hurting the sentiments of scores of millions of Iranian women) to stoke riots with the ultimate goal of putting pressure on the country’s all-popular Islamic establishment.
Does Paris still deny that Kohler is an agent of the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) – the equivalent to the British MI6 and the American CIA – and she and her partner had brought huge sums to fund riots and buy weapons, and they are the same persons caught red-handed with photographic proofs of partying with thugs, criminals and anti-revolutionaries?
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