News ID: 107489
Publish Date : 05 October 2022 - 21:28
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The refusal of Riyadh and its clients in Aden to honour their commitments for resuming the ceasefire with the legitimate government in Sana’a means the US, Britain, and Israel, are intent upon fanning the flames of war anew in Yemen, following the failure of their seditious plot in Iran by unsuccessfully inciting hypocrites, thugs, terrorists, traitors, and apostates, to indulge in vandalism and all sorts of blasphemous acts in a vain bid to tarnish the image of Islamic Iran.
The cessation of hostilities that lasted six months was frequently violated by Saudi Arabia which continues the blockade of Yemen’s sea and airports in the north and never completely ceased its bombing and shelling of civilian areas.
The Ansarullah-led government has no choice now but to be on full alert on all fronts to thwart any escalation in ground and air attacks.
It has already served notice of its right to retaliate with full force against the enemy’s military and industrial installations with its ever-improving arsenal of drones and ballistic missiles in order to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of Yemen.
The only language the Yankees, the Zionists, and their clients understand is that of force, since peace and peaceful co-existence of communities, anywhere in the world, does not suit their bestial warmongering nature, as is evident from the events in Occupied Palestine, Ukraine, and the Korean Peninsula.
The government in Sana’a is right to demand the complete lifting of the Saudi siege, saying that refusal to do so means the ceasefire has reached the “dead end.”
It points out that the siege has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe and malnutrition on a massive scale that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.
The US cannot be trusted in view of its camaraderie with Saudi Arabia, and it is thus nothing but waste of time to entertain any envoy sent by Washington to Sana’a. 
In fact, it is with American armaments the Saudis and their clients are fighting the government in Yemen.
Thus, if full scale combat is resumed, the weapons produced by the Yemenis will be the big factor in making the difference between the antagonists on the battlefield, and the big loser will be regime in Riyadh, which started the current war eight years ago.
We still hope that peace will prevail, but in the absence of any wisdom among the opponents of Yemen’s legitimate government, war is likely to resume and this time with devastating consequences for the American clients, even in some Persian Gulf states.


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