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Publish Date : 02 October 2022 - 21:34

BEIRUT (Dispatches) –
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says the U.S. is pursuing wicked seditious plots in order to sow the seeds of discord and create rifts in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In a televised speech broadcast live on Saturday evening, Nasrallah touched on violent riots in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian woman who died in hospital after collapsing at a police station in Tehran.
“The United States exploits any incident in Iran in order to provoke the nation against the Islamic establishment, the latest of which is the protests that have broken out following Ms. Amini’s tragic death,” Nasrallah said.
“U.S.-backed vandals took advantage of the unclear circumstances surrounding her death to challenge the Islamic Republic after their so-called campaign of maximum pressure dismally failed,” he said.
The CCTV footage released by the police showed no force was used against her while she was in their custody.
In his remarks, Narallah touched on cruel U.S. sanctions against Iran, saying they were meant to pit the people against the establishment, but the Islamic Republic is now stronger than ever.
“Successive U.S. administrations have realized that Iran is a strong, dignified and capable country; and that explains why the U.S. does not dare wage a war on the country and banks on stoking internal disputes instead,” he said.
“Iran enjoys great capabilities, so the U.S. uses all tools to incite provocations against the Islamic Republic. Western and Persian Gulf media outlets are also working to incite people against the Islamic establishment.”
Nasrallah said U.S. administrations have established troll armies across social media platforms to undermine Iran, but all to no avail.
“They cannot do anything to harm the Islamic Republic of Iran because of the nation’s readiness to make sacrifices,” he said.
The Hezbollah chief touched on millions of Iranians who took to the streets across the country last week to condemn the desecration of Islamic sanctities and acts of vandalism by rioters.
“Iran does not have any colonial intentions in the Middle East region. The Islamic Republic cannot be defeated, and holding bitter enmity towards it will cause huge losses for the entire Muslim world,” Nasrallah said.
He also criticized some Iraqi groups for forgetting heroic sacrifices of Iran’s legendary commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, in protecting the Arab nation from Daesh terrorists.
Nasrallah said the Axis of Resistance has made tangible achievements, stressing that Palestinians have no choice but resistance against the occupying Israeli regime.
He said Palestinians have lost hope in any negotiations to realize their rights.
“That is why resistance is on the rise in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.”
He also touched on the United States’ written proposal to Lebanese President Michel Aoun to purportedly resolve a maritime border dispute with the occupying regime of Israel, saying indirect maritime border talks have reached a decisive stage.
“Hezbollah supports the Lebanese government regarding talks with the U.S. mediator. Maritime victory is the fruit of national solidarity, and will help Lebanon overcome its financial crisis,” he said.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Hezbollah leader pointed to the Lebanese parliament’s failure to elect a new head of state to replace incumbent President Aoun when his term ends on October 31.
“The first round of voting revealed that no political party possesses the majority. Lawmakers must never elect a president, who plans to challenge the resistance front,” he said.
Nasrallah also called for consensus among Lebanese political factions to form a cabinet soon.
“We must firmly adhere to the Axis of Resistance. We must never get carried away by the rabble-rousing that does not put forward a viable solution. Lebanese people can achieve good results through unity and solidarity,” he said.

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