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Publish Date : 21 September 2022 - 22:00
By: Seyyed Ali Shahbaz
“In the Prophet of Allah there is certainly for you the Excellent Exemplar, for those who look forward to Allah and the Last Day, and remember Allah greatly.” (Holy Qur’an 33:21)
This is how the Almighty Creator introduces to mankind His Last and Greatest Messenger who was raised to institutionalize and universalize the message of peace, submission to none but God (monotheism), and the healthy way of life – all of which in Arabic means “Islam”.
Today on the eve of the departure from the mortal world of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), let us cast a glance at his immortal legacy and how it has been preserved by his Divinely-designated Heirs (despite the usurpation of their right of political leadership), in spite of the fact that some have tried to pervert it – ironically in the name of Islam.
He used to say: “I have been sent to complete the best of morals”.
The orphan of the monotheist parents Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib and Amenah bint Wahb, and scion of the Hashemite clan of the Quraysh which was descended from Prophet Ishmael (the firstborn of Prophet Abraham), he spared no efforts to enlighten mankind with the highest morals.
As the perfect picture of humanitarian values, during his 23-year mission he united under the fraternal banner of Islam the fratricidal tribes of Arabia, preached universal brotherhood by attracting Abyssinians, Persians, and Romans (e.g. Bilal, Salman, Sohaib), and invited heads of the supposedly civilized nations to shun state terrorism by returning to the path of God.
Prophesied by all prophets of the past, including Abraham in his Scripture, Moses in the Torah and Jesus in the Evangel, as well as tidings of his universal monotheist mission in the holy books of the Zoroastrians and the Hindus, the Seal of Prophets in order to ensure the evergreen purity of his message of peace that abhors violence, emphasized time and again on the famous Hadith Thaqalayn, by reiterating in crystal clear words:
“I am leaving behind among you the Thaqalayn (Two Weighty Things); the Book of God (Qur’an) and my progeny, the Ahl al-Bayt. Hold fast to them and you will never go astray, since the two will never separate from each other, even when they return to me at the Fountain (of Kowthar on Resurrection Day).”
Did all his companions obey the letter and spirit of his words?
The sad fact is that they did not, otherwise the peace of Islamic faith that was perfected at the memorable gathering of Ghadeer-Khom on 18th Zilhijja 10 AH –exactly two months and ten days before he passed away – would not have been perverted by the violence of the scandalous meeting of Saqifa Bani Sa’da, even as his last rites were being performed by his aggrieved family.
This could be called the first open deviation from Islam and the ethereal teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), whose words were ignored by a group of power-hungry companions, whose sole intention in choosing a caliph after a fistfight among themselves, was to deprive Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS), the foremost member of the Ahl al-Bayt, of his Divinely-decreed right to lead the Ummah in peace.
The result has been catastrophe, whose painful consequences we are suffering to this day in the form of terrorism by devilish elements masquerading as Muslims while being totally devoid of not just the spirit of Islam but of any humanitarian principle.
At the same time, charlatans amongst non-Muslims, pointing to takfiri terrorism and referring to the distorted accounts of his life in the so-called books of hadith compiled by sons or grandsons of converts having little knowledge of Islam, label the wildest accusations against the Prophet, who despite the taking of widows and divorcees as spouses in the last ten years of his life in order to break the customs of Jahiliyya, never doted on any particular woman (as alleged) and always had fond memories of his loyal of wife of 25 long years, Hazrat Khadija (AS) – the mother of his Immaculate Daughter Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA).    
As a matter of fact, no sooner was the Prophet laid to rest by his grieving household, the first act of terrorism occurred in Medina, when a roguish group of his companions stormed the house of his Immaculate Daughter, and flung the burning door upon her, thereby fracturing her ribs.
As a result, Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA) – the Noblest Lady of all times – had a miscarriage (Mohsin, the first martyr of the Ahl al-Bayt) and eventually attained martyrdom, but not before delivering her famous sermon in front of the coup leaders, to expound the egalitarian principles of Islam and to expose the regime in Medina in its true Jahiliyya colours.
Time and space do not allow me to dwell in detail on the worsening state terrorism of the self-styled caliphs of the usurper Omayyad and Abbasid regimes that followed and left a permanent scar on the body politic of Islam, from which the Ummah continues to suffer till this day.
Since the 28th of Safar also happens to be the martyrdom anniversary of the Prophet’s elder grandson and the 2nd Divinely-designated Heir, Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (AS), whose masterful stroke of a peace treaty unmasked the hypocrisy of terrorists disguised as Muslims, it will suffice to say: How did a hardcore heathen like Mu’awiyyah ibn Abu Sufyan rose to power in Syria and usurped power of the entire Islamic realm, and why did the Muslims – except for the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt and their loyal companions – obeyed the Godless rule of the Omayyads?
Only proper answers to these questions, through reflection on the Prophet’s sayings in praise of Imam Hasan (AS) and of Imam Husain (AS) – the Leaders of the Youths of Paradise – will help materialize the perpetual peace that the message of Islam preaches for all humanity, in contrast to the violence and terrorism of those who call themselves Salafis or followers of the fratricidal heathens of Arabia that had paid lip service to Islam without faith entering their hearts.
In 50 AH on the 39th anniversary of the Prophet’s departure from the mortal world when volleys of arrows, shot at the instigation of a seditious woman by a future self-styled caliph (the infidel Marwan) and his forces, riddled the coffin and corpse of his elder grandson in Medina, it became clear to many Muslims that the holy Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt are indeed inseparable, while it is their enemies who are against the letter and spirit of the Book of God, which they shamelessly hoist on spear points and distort its contents even while claiming to be its reciters and memorizers – just as the ever-rebellious Israelites used to do.
For the sake of Islamic unity these doleful days offer an opportunity to clear the mist of the past, especially since the last day of Safar, which we mark as the end of the two-month mourning period for the heartrending martyrdom of Imam Husain (AS) at Karbala in 61 AH, happens to be the martyrdom in 203 AH in Khorasan, of another of the Prophet’s Infallible Heirs (Imam Reza – AS), who was a victim through a fatal dose of poison of another imposter masquerading as caliph (Mamoun the Abbasid tyrant).
Today, when we see a record 21 million Muslims assembling in Karbala on the Day of Arba’een and millions of others converging on Mashhad in Iran, while the seditious Saudis prevent masses from flocking to the Sacred Baqi Cemetery, we realize that the enemies are still fearful of the dynamism of Islam, and it is the Divinely-designated Heirs of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) who have kept alive his morals and memory for the guidance of mankind.
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