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Publish Date : 21 September 2022 - 21:55

TEHRAN -- A lineup of 11 films focusing on Iraqi imposed war on Iran is scheduled to be screened at the Cinema Museum.
The films will be displayed on the occasion of Sacred Defense week in Iran.
‘Eagles’, ‘Journey to Chazabeh’, ‘The Immigrant’, ‘The Child of Dust’, ‘Hoor on Fire’, ‘The Lost Strait’, ‘Duel’, ‘The Situation of Mehdi’, ‘Kani-Manga’, ‘The Outcasts 1’ and ‘Leily Is with Me’ are the films to be screened at the event.
Iraq invaded Iran and conducted airstrikes on a number of airbases in the Islamic Republic on September 22, 1980.
The war, which began 19 months after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, ended on August 20, 1988.
The Sacred Defense Week is an event that is held annually in Iran to mark the onset of the Iraqi imposed war on the Islamic Republic.

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