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Publish Date : 17 September 2022 - 21:30

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Iran’s animated film ‘Dolphin Boy’ is planned to be screened in several movie theaters across the world.
Noting that the film was well received in Russia and Central Asia , Mohammad Kheirandish, the writer and director of ‘Dolphin Boy’ said it was translated into different languages to allow the film to receive screenings worldwide.
“We have signed various contracts and translated the animation into different languages”, including Russian, Turkish, Arabic and English, he said.
According to the director, the production of ‘Dolphin Boy’ took four years.
He noted that it was recorded at 24 frames per second just like the best animations that have been made across the world.
“We have tried to display the best quality,” Kheirandish said, noting that the crew members of the animation are all Iranians.
The film is about a boy who survived a plane crash and was raised by dolphins. When he becomes a teenager he embarks on a journey to find his mother.

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