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Publish Date : 30 August 2022 - 21:46
Two women are standing on opposite sides of a river. One yells to the other, “How did you get to the other side!”
The other one reply; “Don’t ask me, you’re the one on the other side.”
Two men are working on a telephone pole. A little old lady walks by and one of the men yells to her, “Hey lady, can you move that wire off of the sidewalk for us!”
She picks it up and moves it from the sidewalk. The second electrician says, “I told you it wasn’t live.”
A woman goes to a shoe store and wants to buy some alligator shoes, but becomes angry when she sees the price. She storms out of the store saying, “I’m going to catch an alligator and get my own pair of shoes!” The shopkeeper laughs as he watches her leave.
Later as the shopkeeper is driving home, he sees the woman in a swamp on the side of the road. A 10-foot alligator is swimming right at her but she swiftly knocks the alligator out. She drags it onto some grass where there are a dozen other knocked out alligators. She flips it over and yells, “Ah! This one’s barefoot too!”
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