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Publish Date : 13 August 2022 - 21:19

TEHRAN – Iran’s Organization of Student Affairs affiliated with the Ministry of Education of Iran has expressed readiness to expand exchange of students with Russia.
Deputy head of the scholarship and foreign students’ affairs department of the Organization of Student Affairs Muhammad Javad Salmanpour said on Saturday that the language of science is definitely one of the common languages, which helps develop cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, so the Islamic Republic will welcome Russian students to Iranian universities.
Salmanpour and his colleagues in the Student Affairs Organization – Muhammad Muhammadi Masoudi and Jafar Razaghi – held talks with Dmitry Kalinichenko, the representative of the Russian cooperation organization in Iran.
Kalinichenko, for his part, thanked the Student Affairs Organization, adding that there are 300 Iranian students with scholarships in Russia and that the number can increase in the future.
The Russian official went on to say that the Russian Cooperation Organization in Iran plans to select Iranian students to get scholarships at Russia’s universities as well as to hold Olympiads and seminars.
He also said Moscow is interested in exchanging students with Tehran, expressing readiness for teaching the Persian language in Russia and the Russian language in Iran.
Razaghi, the director general of international students’ affairs of the Student Affairs Organization, said Iran hosts students from about 117 countries.
According to the official, given the fact that Russia and Iran enjoy amicable ties, it is necessary to expand scientific and student exchanges.
Muhammadi Masoudi meanwhile called for creating a joint scholarship between Russian and Iranian universities.

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