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Publish Date : 13 August 2022 - 21:15

Iran Taekwondo Team Crowned Champion in Islamic Games

KONYA, Turkey – Iran’s national Taekwondo team has won the title of the 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games held in Turkey’s Konya.
Iran taekwondo team champions on the last day of Konya 2021 Islamic Countries Solidarity Games managed to gain two more gold and two more silver medals.
The team received 5 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze medals in the tournament and ended its work with 13 medals in this event.
Seyyedeh Narges Mir-Nurollahi in -62kg got a rest lot in the first round, and then beat Kutubali Kadija, from Chad, to reach the semi-final, where she also beat Ikra Kayer from Turkey to reach the final match. But in the final Foruza from Uzekistan beat her and she gained the silver medal of the game in her weight.
The women’s team’s Captain Akram Khodabandeh in +72-kg weight in her first step beat Sara Al-Haaj, from Joran to face the host team Fafia Kash.
She also beat Kash to reach the final, there Uzbekistan’s Asut Lata beat her and Khodabandeh gained the silver medal.
Amir-Muhamad Bakhsi in -74-kg after gaining a rest lot in the first round, was faced with Dijil from Surinam and them Omar Al-Holu from Jordan, both of whom he beat to reach the final.
In the semi-final he also beat the Asian champion, Jasur Beik Jaisanvo from Uzbekistan and then Ahmad Bohlul from Palestine to win the games gold medal.
In 78-kg weight Ali-Reza Nadalian first knocked out Eslam Bazar from Palestine, and then won Rajaov from Uzbekistan to reach the semi-final. In the semi-final he was faced with Rajabov to become a finalist.
Nasdalian in the final passed through Ayyub Basiri’s Moroccan dam to win the Iranian team’s last shining gold medal in taekwondo.