News ID: 105595
Publish Date : 10 August 2022 - 21:45

TEHRAN - A member of the Energy Committee of the Islamic Assembly considered the construction of petro-refineries as one of the defense tools to fight the sanctions, and said: “Directing liquidity towards production is achieved by investing in national economic projects.”
Speaking to Shana, Hadi Beiginejad stated that construction of refineries and petro-refineries is a very good defense tool to fight against sanctions, and said: “Refinery construction leads to the development of downstream industries and production of petrochemical products and helps to strengthen hard currency resources.”
Pointing out that construction of oil and gas projects, especially petro-refineries, is profitable and has a good return on investment, he added: “Construction of refineries and petro-refineries, preventing the sale of crude oil, turning it into valuable products, creating economic value for the country, employment, neutralizing sanctions will result in an increase in hard currency income, reaching customer diversity, etc.”
This member of the Energy Committee of the Islamic Assembly stated: “In addition to its advantages, the establishment of petro-refineries also facilitates the entry of the private sector into the refining industry.”

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