News ID: 104807
Publish Date : 16 July 2022 - 22:05
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The regime in Sweden has committed a gross violation of human rights and breached international law by holding a mock trial and sentencing Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri to life imprisonment after illegally imprisoning him for the past 33 months. 
His illegal arrest was based on the baseless allegations levelled against him by the MKO terrorists, who are called Munafeqin or hypocrites by the Iranian public for their treason against the country for siding with Saddam during his war against the Islamic Republic and committing of numerous crimes against humanity.
The Iranian people cannot forgive the unpardonable acts of terrorism of these fugitives from justice who have a bloody record of planting bombs in public places, assassinating Iranian officials, and torturing and killing ordinary civilians to the tune of 17,000.  
During their stay in Iraq under protection of the now overthrown Ba’thist minority regime, they even committed crimes against the people of Iraq on the orders of their masters in the West by violating the sanctity of the holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf, and indiscriminately killing the masses who rose against Saddam in the 1991 uprising.
Now, by licking the boots of the US and the illegal Zionist entity, these Godless traitors label all sorts of wild accusations against Iranian citizens.
For their part, certain regimes in the West which are avowed enemies of the Islamic Republic, despite their claims to respect human rights, feel no inhibitions in not just providing asylum to these fugitives from justice, but violate international laws by subjecting Iranian citizens to imprisonment on absurd charges to please these terrorists.
According to Iran’s Secretary of High Council for Human Rights, Kazem Gharibabadi, Sweden has committed an act of “disgrace” in the history of human rights by unjustly sentencing an innocent Iranian citizen.
Hamid Nouri is not a Swedish citizen, neither does he live in Sweden, nor has he committed any crime in the country which he was visiting on a tourist visa. 
Then on what basis the Swedish regime imprisoned Nouri and passed a sentence against him on wild charges brought up in a kangaroo court that has clearly violated the principles of sovereignty and independence of governments as per international law?
Iran now reserves the full right to implement its laws on any Swedish citizen visiting the Islamic Republic on any type of visa.
Tehran cannot be indifferent to nationals of hostile countries, who could be spies under guise of businessmen or tourists, and if they are not spies, they might be having records of public offences in their own country.
In other words, while living and growing up in Sweden, they might have been embroiled in public brawls, bouts of drinking, embezzlement, fornication, theft, blasphemous comments against religion, and the like.
Iran has its own humanitarian laws for trying such criminals, and has every right to probe the past of any Swedish national apprehended by the Iranian security forces, and to subject him/her to the punishment specified for such crimes.
So, Stockholm should not shed crocodile tears if any of its officials whose crimes of their past are confirmed by the Iranian judiciary are subjected to prison terms, whiplashes, amputation of fingers, and capital punishment – if it is required. 


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