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Publish Date : 11 July 2022 - 21:43
By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The annual Hajj pilgrimage, held this year with pilgrims from all over the world after a two-year gap because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, is almost over with the faithful expressing gratitude to the Unseen but Omnipresent Creator of the universe at his Symbolic House on Planet Earth in the city of Mecca in the holy land of Hijaz, where a millennium and four centuries ago Divine Revelation had culminated in the universal mission of Islam to its Last and Greatest Messenger for the guidance of all humanity.
Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) had immortalized the message of monotheism entrusted by God to the Father of mankind, Adam, and passed down to posterity by Prophet Abraham the Idol-Smasher after successfully passing such trials as the miraculous extinguishment of the huge fire into which he was thrown by the tyrant Nimrod and the Divine Decree that replaced son Ishmael with a ram for sacrifice on having tested his firm and unflinching faith – to the frustration of Satan whom the pilgrims symbolically stone at Mena as an intention to control their wayward inclinations fanned by the devils-in-human-form to divide the Ummah.
This is the true spirit of the Hajj, whose rituals, including the “disavowal of disbelievers” (as emphasized by the holy Qur’an [9:3] and punctually observed by Iranian pilgrims), if followed with sincerity, negate the hegemony of the US, Israel, and other satanic powers, by strengthening solidarity amongst Muslims worldwide.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his annual Hajj Message that was read on the Plain of Arafat by his representative stressed these spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage and urged the Ummah to strive towards unity by opening up their eyes to the devilish plots of their common enemies.
He pointed out that “the Islamic world is brimming with motivated, energetic young people. The greatest assets for building the future are hope and self-confidence. Today, these assets are abundant in the Islamic world, especially in this region. We all have a duty to protect and increase these precious assets.”
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, however, warned against negligence of the enemy’s stratagems for a single moment, calling for increase in alertness and efforts while avoiding pride and other negative inclinations. 
He advised: “Let us attentively beseech the Almighty, the All-Wise Creator for His help all the time, since performing the Hajj and its rituals provides a great opportunity for trust in God, as well as for deliberation and proper decision-making.”
The Muslim world is passing through one of the critical junctures in its history but the present set of political leaders sorely lack guts, courage, and above all faith, to take the right decisions in order to resolve these problems, chiefly the  chronic question of the Zionist usurped land of Palestine. 
It is indeed unfortunate that the unrepresentative and unelected cultish and clannish rulers of the British-created Arab states have committed treason against Islam and violated the Muhammadan spirit of the Hajj pilgrimage by backstabbing the Palestinian people and establishing ties with the illegal Zionist entity, which without the least doubt is antithesis to the iconoclasm of Abraham and the message of Moses as is evident by its open slander of Jesus and his mother, the Virgin Mary  (peace be upon them).
Therefore, in such a situation the performance of a million pilgrims this year, and that too without any unsavoury incident such as the periodic massacre of the Guests of God for which the Saudis are notorious, doesn’t mean the Hajj was successfully completed.
The pilgrimage as well as the policies of the Muslim countries, whether Arab or non-Arab, will be only be considered positive and successful, if they summon up the courage to strengthen all sorts of ties amongst them, with the firm resolve of keeping the US and its devilish insinuations away from the Ummah and mobilizing all resources including military for liberating al-Aqsa and all of Palestine from the tentacles of entity that has no right to exist in our part of the world.
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