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Publish Date : 04 July 2022 - 21:32
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Not a day passes when US armed forces, whether the mostly white police in American towns and cities, or whether Yankee occupation soldiers abroad, do not indulge in acts of sadistic terrorism.
As a matter of fact, there is no conception of human rights in official American thinking from the White House to the ordinary white-skinned cops notorious for their bloodcurdling violation of all civilizational norms.
For instance, this heartlessness was on full display last week in Akron, Ohio, where a 25-year unarmed old Afro-American citizen was killed for no fault, in the most brutal manner. 
White traffic policemen, on mere suspicion, gave a 7-minute chase to motorist Jayland Walker, and after cornering him, pumped at least 60 bullets into his body, even though he had neither committed any crime nor violated the rules of the road.
A couple of years ago, US racist brutality had shock the civilized world when George Floyd was mercilessly throttled to death in broad daylight in the streets of Minneapolis by white policemen, for being a black skinned person.
This is law enforcement US style, or actually the trampling of justice on the pretext of safeguarding security, which not just frequently happens in the streets of American towns and cities, but occurs with untold brutalities in countries where Yankee soldiers are based.
This happened in Dresden, Berlin, and other German towns when the Nazi army collapsed during World War 2 and the victorious US troops plundered people, murdered children, and gang-raped women.
The Japanese were also subjected to these inhuman US atrocities in the eastern theatre of the war, and later the Koreans. 
These were routine occurrences for over a decade in Vietnam where Americans committed every conceivable crime, while resorting to hypocrisy at the UN and other world forums by falsely claiming to be supporters of human rights.
In our own times, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, have witnessed these cruelties by the American soldiers and their agents, while regimes that slavishly serve US interests, have enacted the same scenarios in Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, and other places.
Meanwhile, ever since the triumph of the Islamic Revolution that kicked out the American hegemons in 1979, Washington has continued to target Iran with all kinds of terrorism, including economic, cultural, pharmaceutical, and political, including the 8-year war it had imposed in the 1980s through Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad, who earned lasting damnation for using internationally-banned chemical weapons supplied by the US and the West.
Yet, despite this grave violation of human rights and dignity, the US claims to be a defender of human rights – a claim that is dismissed by experts.
In the words of the Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights: “The United States is, by no means, qualified to talk about [the issue of] human rights,” 
Kazem Gharibabadi said on the sidelines of the 4th International Conference on the American Human Rights from the Perspective of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei: “This government (the US regime) should be held accountable by the oppressed peoples, who have lost their lives as a result of terrorism, sanctions, aggression, and occupation.” 
As Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Baqer Kani, said during the same confab in Tehran: “One can confidently claim that there is no nation in today’s world that has not tasted the bitter taste of the American version of human rights.”
In short, the world will not be a safe place to live in and people around the world, including in America, will not be allowed to lead a peaceful life with human dignity, until history’s greatest violators of human rights – the Democrat and Republican regimes – exist in Washington and indulge freely in the most gruesome acts of terrorism at home and abroad. 


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