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Publish Date : 21 June 2022 - 21:27
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
There is some grain of truth when former Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan Niyazi, says that it was US meddling which shoved him out of office last April.
In a recent interview to the Sunday Times, he blasted the US for its “imperial arrogance”, revealing that his ambassador in Washington had received a massage from US Assistant Secretary of State for South-Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu, who had threatened Pakistan with “consequences” if Imran Khan remained in power as premier.
“In the past 40 years, our leadership has basically bowed down to everything the US has demanded of us,” said the onetime star cricketer who in the 1970s had captained Pakistan to victory in the world cup.
This hardly seems to be an unfounded claim or an exaggeration when we in Iran after ending in 1979 a quarter century of American control over our country, have over the past 42 year been exposed to the intensity of US devilish designs through war, invasion, cultural crimes, economic terrorism, political pressures, and the current threats regarding our own inalienable right to enrich uranium for our IAEA-certified peaceful nuclear projects.
The US, without the least doubt, is the Great Satan, and resistance is the only way to defeat it, in order to remain independent, powerful, progressive, unified, self-sufficient, self-dignified, and above all loyal to Islam and the dynamic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Immaculate Ahl al-Bayt.
In other words, if the Yankees get the slightest chance to yank any of these values, they would simply devour it in the most savage manner.
This is evident by the sorry state of affairs in neighbouring Afghanistan, which the US occupied for two decades, and now after withdrawal of its troops has not only blocked billions of dollars of Afghan assets, but is actively spreading terrorism through Daesh and similar outfits to further destabilize the country.
The same is true of the situation in Iraq, where a government has still not been formed eight long months after holding the general elections, mainly because of undue American meddling and unabated plunder of the country’s vast oil reserves, while the political parties bicker over trifle matters. 
Syria is another country in our neighbourhood which the US destroyed through macabrely murderous terrorists of all hue and colour, and continues to destabilize not just through its occupation forces but also by ordering Israel to indulge in almost daily aerial attacks, for President Bashar al-Assad’s refusal to bow to Washington’s pressures.
Then there is Lebanon where the resolve of a sizeable section of people to remain independent has prompted the US to resort to all sorts of intrigues to try to ruin its economy and political system.
Yemen for the past 7 years is engulfed in flames of war as a result of its invasion by the US client states of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, whose cultish and clannish regimes do not want peace and stability in the Arabian Peninsula’s only country having democratic institutions and not subject to hereditary rule.
Palestine, groaning for the past 74 years under the jackboots of the illegal Zionist migrants of Eastern Europe, remains an open wound on human conscience, and there will be no solution to the people’s plight even if the resistance groups (God forbid) were to express their readiness to accept the US-Zionist yoke.
The list of American interference is endless and spread all over the globe, including Europe, Africa, and Latin America, where Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, stand as prime examples of countries subjected to US state terrorism.
In view of these undeniable facts, the only solution to thwart US hegemony is to firm up resistance based on genuine Islamic values, as the Islamic Republic of Iran has shown and has inspired masses in the neighbourhood and beyond to stand up to outside pressures through faith, unity, self-confidence, and formation of popular mobilization units, which are all capable of defeating American imperialism. 
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