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Publish Date : 18 June 2022 - 21:31

BOJNURD, North Khorasan – Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Tehran Gousal Azam Sarker on Saturday emphasized that North Khorasan Province enjoys a good capacity to provide his country with raw materials, cotton, and mineral products.
A.F.M. Gousal Azam Sarker made the remarks in a meeting with board members of the North Khorasan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture in Bojnurd, adding that there is a good opportunity to become familiar with the economic products of the province and invest in the region.
Iran and Bangladesh have been enjoying numerous cultural and historical commonalities for several years and the two countries’ viewpoints have come closer in the current century, so there is a proper opportunity to expand trade exchanges, he noted.
The envoy went on to say that he has got much information on the capacities of the province, mentioning that North Khorasan enjoys good capacity in producing minerals, urea fertilizer, and aluminum.
As to the good coordination between Bangladesh’s chamber of commerce and North Khorasan, he argued that the South Asian country possesses an eye-catching capacity to invest in the province.
Bangladesh is the second big producer of clothes and the cotton produced in North Khorasan Province is the raw material for the industry that can be exported to the country, he said.
Moreover, steel and iron industries in North Khorasan can be exported to Bangladesh, the envoy added.
The South Asian country has significantly invested in medicine, he said, adding that North Khorasan has herbal plants, which can be exported to Bangladesh.
The exchange of investments between private sectors of both countries can pave the ground for pursuing joint ventures, he argued.
For his part, Chairman of the North Khorasan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Saeed Purabadi said that the province intends to facilitate investment through the issuance of visas for Bangladeshi investors and merchants to pave the way for export of mineral and agricultural products.
Cement, alumina, and urea fertilizer, along with fruits, are among the products of the province, which can be exported, he said, adding that North Khorasan is one of the best places for planting medicinal herbs.
Bangladesh’s ambassador has started his three-day visit to North Khorasan on Saturday in a bid to hold talks with provincial officials and become familiar with the economic capacities of the northwestern province.
From among the 863 thousand people living in North Khorasan Province, 44 percent of the population are residing in rural areas.

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