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Publish Date : 17 June 2022 - 21:59

allies have refrained from making any such declarations.
On Thursday, Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Callamard said South Africa, Namibia and the Palestinian Authority are pushing to reconvene the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid so that it could end the practice by Israel against the Palestinians.
“There are serious conversations taking place right now between South Africa, Namibia and the state of Palestine to put forward a UN General Assembly resolution on re-establish the special committee against apartheid which was initially established in 1962 and to focus on all situations,” Callamard said at the UN.
“’We support that at Amnesty. We embrace it and we call for that special committee to be reestablished,” she said.
Callamard also said those who criticize the “apartheid Israel” report are “weaponizing antisemitism”.
She said the report’s critics were trying to use false claims of antisemitism to undermine free speech and stifle debate.
“They are calling names and refusing to engage… this is a form of censorship, as is the accusation of antisemitism.”
She said: “The accusation of antisemitism means people hesitate to speak. We have to ensure that politicians and elected officials do not refuse to recognize apartheid.”

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