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Publish Date : 17 June 2022 - 21:58

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The West may be busy dealing with the war with Russia into which it has dragged Ukraine, but the far more graver crises in other parts of the world, even though deliberately ignored by the so-called international media, are waiting for resolution.
One such crisis, other than the chronic question of Zionist-usurped Palestine where the innocent are murdered at will almost every day by the US-backed Israelis, is the alarming situation of the Rohingya Muslims, both in their homeland Rakhine from which many have been dislodged and the million-plus languishing in the refugee camps of Bangladesh.
It is indeed the worst human rights catastrophe of the contemporary world, as the UN has acknowledged, but is either not fully committed to resolve it or is being prevented to do so by the powers that manipulate it.
The fact cannot be denied that history’s most evil empire, the Unites States of America, with its policy of devilish deception, political pressures, military threats, and economic terrorism – as is evident by the extraterritorial sanctions on nations refusing to bow to its blackmail – is also involved in the worsening plight of the Rohingyas.
The first and foremost cause of the persecution and genocide of the Rohingyas in Myanmar and the reluctance of the UN to seriously press for their repatriation back home, is the fact that these people happen to be Muslims.
Thus, for the Americans and the Europeans, the repression of illions of Rohingya Muslims is not a matter of concern, compared to the few thousand from Ukraine who have crossed the borders into neighbouring states following the war with Russia.
It is now almost a decade since the Myanmar military along with chauvinistic Buddhist monks and the unprincipled politicians feigning to be democrats, launched the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine.
Since then, because of the frozen conscience of the world, their situation has sharply deteriorated and resulted in almost the mass migration to Bangladesh where the million-odd refugees are to unfortunately mark their fifth year of homelessness next month, with no prospects for return.
According to analysts, despite their deep passion to return home, the Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh are faced with nothing but bad options.
These include the return to the military regime-run resettlement camps with no rights but the risk of getting caught in the middle of brutal vendettas between the Arakan Army (AA) and the State Administration Council (SAC), whose vague promise of granting some sort of citizenship to the Rohingya Muslims, cannot be trusted.
The other bad option is to remain in the violence-ridden, virtual concentration camps that Bangladesh has built around them in Cox’s Bazar.
As human beings, it is the desire of every Rohingya Muslim to reside in peace in Rakhine state and to return home with safety and dignity.
It is now the duty of the international community, including the oil-rich Arab regimes which bow on the altar of US-Zionist devilishness, to awaken from slumber and come forward to help resolve the crisis in Rakhine and provide means for the safe return home of the Rohingya Muslims.

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