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Publish Date : 14 June 2022 - 21:26
AMSTERDAM (Dispatches) – A new survey has found that 51 percent of the population of the Netherlands think that the Zionist regime is an apartheid regime, PAX reported on Tuesday. 
The survey was conducted by I & O Research for the peace organization.
“This picture of how Dutch people view the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories has never been given before,” explained Anna Timmerman, the General Director of PAX. “Although many people only have limited knowledge of the situation, the results are striking as they show a huge gap between the Dutch government’s policy and the opinions of a cross-section of the Dutch population.”
She added that, according to the survey, “The Dutch want the government to take a firmer stance on human rights abuses.”
A larger proportion of the population, 61 percent, holds the occupying regime entirely or mainly responsible for the fact that the conflict has persisted. Commenting on this, Timmerman said: “A notable finding is that young people in particular tend to see Israel as responsible.”
Most of the respondents — 56 percent — think that the occupying regime should stop building and expanding illegal settlements; only six percent disagree. 
Finally, the survey found that 40 percent of the Dutch feel that the Netherlands should stop collaborating with Zionist weapons manufacturers.
Moroccans Condemn 
Meanwhile, a group of Moroccan journalists have condemned the U.S.-sponsored normalization of diplomatic relations between the North African country and the occupying regime, and demanded closure of the office of Israel’s i24NEWS television news channel in the capital Rabat.
On Monday, the journalists in a joint statement denounced media cooperation with the occupying regime as “a crime against Palestinians, Moroccans and humanity.”
They condemned the opening of an office for the Israeli i24NEWS channel in Morocco, and demanded its immediate closure.
The journalists stated that the measure provoked the feelings of Moroccans, whose hearts go for supporting the Palestinian cause and defending oppressed Palestinians.
I24News channel opened an office in Morocco on May 30, becoming the first Israeli television channel to have a presence in the North African country.
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