News ID: 103546
Publish Date : 11 June 2022 - 21:33

TEHRAN – The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) on Saturday reported that over 2,234,448 tonnes of commodities with total value of over $589 million were traded in domestic and exporting halls of the IME in the last week.
The IME’s report said that, over 1,972,000 tonnes of metal and mineral commodities, including 1,201,963 tonnes of cement, 391,000 tonnes of iron ore, 300,451 tonnes of steel, 60,000 tonnes of sponge iron, 13,475 tonnes of aluminum, 8,441 tonnes of copper, 1,185 tonnes of zinc, 140 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 30 tonnes of precious metals concentrate and 3 kg of gold bars with total value of $380 million were traded in IME’s halls.
It also added that 252,044 tonnes of oil and petrochemical commodities including 88,445 tonnes of polymeric products, 44,861 tonnes of bitumen, 12,000 tonnes of lube cut, 63,300 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 30,850 tonnes of chemicals, 6,885 tonnes of sulfur, 6,200 tonnes of base oil and 50 tonnes of argon with total value of $201 million were traded in the IME’s markets.
Last but not least was the IME’s side market with 9,719 tonnes of commodities traded on it.

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