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Publish Date : 05 June 2022 - 21:55


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

They keep coming – in hundreds of thousands, if not in millions – to pay homage to the memory of the man who delivered the nation from domestic despotism and foreign hegemony.
Neither the vicissitudes of weather prevents them from paying respects at the mausoleum of the Sage of the Age who changed international equations, nor does the poisonous propaganda of the enemies dampens their devotion to the timeless values of Islam that he revived.
On Saturday, multitudes of men, women, and children, including the elderly on wheelchairs and the infants in perambulators, converged in Tehran from all over the country – several from abroad as well – to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the passing away of Imam Khomeini (AS).
Following end of the two-year long Coronavirus Pandemic the Iranian masses, who a month-and-a-half earlier had come out in millions throughout the country on the Farewell Friday of Fasting Ramadhan (designated World Qods Day by Imam Khomeini) to reaffirm their resolve to liberate Palestine from the tentacles of the Zionism, once again gave a grand public display of their dedication to the ideals of the Father of the Islamic Revolution.
This explains the sheer frustration of the enemies of Iran and the Iranian people in their feverish plots of the past 42 years to undermine the Islamic Republic.
As the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, pointed out in his speech at Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum the day before yesterday, the blundering enemies led by the US, blinded by their ignorance of the realities in Iran, have continued their miscalculations.
In other words, the Americans and their stooges who live in a fool’s paradise, have axed their own feet by dreaming to undermine and overthrow the grassroots-supported Islamic Republic system of government.
As a matter of fact, their dreams have turned into nightmares as is clear, not just by the peace, progress, and prosperity the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys due to public support, but also by the positive impact of the Islamic Revolution on the people of the region.
This is evident by the emergence of popular mobilization movements in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, and other countries of the neighbourhood.
Today, the success in the face of heavy odds of the anti-terrorism organizations, such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Ansarullah, Hashd ash-Sha’bi, and others, is ample proof that Imam Khomeini’s enlightening message can never be extinguished by the imperialists of the West, or by the Zionists and the unelected Arab reactionary regimes.
Tomorrow, the people of Bahrain will definitely join the ranks of nations freed from the yoke of repression, and soon it will be the turn of the Egyptians and other Arabs groaning under the sandals of the clannish and cultish regimes.
While our foes fear this as the export of the Islamic Revolution our friends welcome it as spread of Imam Khomeini’s enlightening ideals.

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